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  TCM Intel BriefOperation Alien Overlord • Military Objectives • The Stroggos Environment
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Military Objectives

Your primary objectives are to establish a communications uplink, destroy the planetary defense systems, disable the interplanetary gateway, and assassinate the Makron commander. Once the communication link is made, subsequent communications will guide troops to their primary targets, destroy targets of opportunity, and provide necessary ground support for the follow-up air strike.

[Communications Uplink]
Your first objective is to establish an uplink between command and the Strogg communication computers. These are in the exterior military base south of the main capital of Cerberon. This will enable continued communications, location information, and combat analysis beyond the base complex. Failure to establish this uplink is not an option. Once on the planet, the combat situation may change quickly. It is imperative that you regularly check your computer systems for updated orders.

[Destroy the Big Gun]
From the base make your way past the security systems and move north to destroy the Big Gun located on the southern outskirts of the city. Further intel will provide information to achieve this objective.

[Disable the Gateway]
Disable the interplanetary gateway between Earth and Stroggos. Shutting down the gateway will prohibit the Strogg from launching further attacks against Earth. It may be a long sleep back.

[Assassinate the Makron]
Finally, locate the Strogg commander somewhere within the capital palace.