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Structural Systems •
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Structural Systems

            Buttons, Floorplates, and Levers: There are three ways to activate a switch. Touch it, walk on it, or shoot it.
  Doors: The majority of doors on Stroggos open as you approach them. If one doesn’t open automatically, seek a button, floorplate, or key.
  Secret Doors: Some secret doors conceal secret passageways or military supplies. Most secret doors open when shot. Others open by activating floorplates, buttons, or levers.
Area Doors
: Specific symbols indicate the exit to a given area.
  End of Unit Complex Symbol: The Strogg marked off areas to indicate a one way passage. Once you leave a unit complex you cannot return.

Secret Areas
: The Strogg have concealed military supplies in different locations within the city. Recon your surroundings closely. Sometimes the slightest variation in the environment could mark the entrance of a secret area. There is no visual data available on actually where the secrets are. Use your eyes soldier!