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Crystals have there own life force energy , this can lie dormant for many years.  Man can only awaken this energy through linking with the crystals during meditation and becoming in tune  with the Deva of the crystal through his/her higher self.

 As we make friends with certain people in our lives, people we feel attuned to, so too do we attune our friendship to certain crystals, and although it is nice to have a crystal given to you as a gift (and this can become a very special crystal, especially if given by a very dear friend) there is no better way of obtaining a crystal than going to a shop and choosing your own.

Now don't go rushing into the first shop you see, pick up the first crystal you see and buy it! Instead take your time handle the crystals (if they are in a case, then ask if you may hold them)  feel their energies, does one in particular feel good? Then thatís the one for you.  Its well worth taking your time, after all you are picking a friend for life. 

I truly believe it is much better to get to know about crystals this way, and by trusting your own intuition, than to spend endless hours studying the names and suggested uses for each crystal, and missing out on what they have to offer you.  This kind of study can come later if feel you would like to delve into that side of things.

You will find that there are many books on this subject available today, but before investing in a lot of books get yourself a nice piece of crystal, study its structure, meditate with it, keep it under your pillow at night and in your pocket or round your neck during the day.

By doing all the above you will truly attune to the Deva of the crystal, and instead of a book telling you what your crystal is good for you will feel it purpose through your own intuition.  So by all means use books for general information, but let your intuition/higher self guide you to find the true purpose to why your crystal has come into your life and why at this particular  moment in your life. 





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