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REIKI is a hands on healing system re-discovered in the 19th century by Dr, Mikao Usui, this gentle yet powerful technique of healing is now becoming increasingly popular as its effectiveness is experienced.

REIKI can help to restore a balance of  wholeness and harmony within all levels of our being, aiding pain relief, stress reduction and healing emotions, allowing us to feel more alive and connected to all things.

REIKI HEALING complements all other medical treatments and therapies, following surgery Reiki healing can help put the life force back, aiding recovery.  Stress related problems and chronic conditions such as continual back or joint pain as with arthritis symptoms can be relieved .  Also healing can be very  beneficial to women’s problems i.e. P.M.T. and menopausal etc…

REIKI HEALING is a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable way back to good health.  It is also convenient as it requires you to remove no clothes and the patient can receive the Reiki either lying comfortably on a massage couch or simply sitting on a chair.

The actual words ‘Rei’  and  ‘Ki’  are thought to originate from the Japanese language ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Universal’ and ‘Ki’ meaning  life ‘force energy’ ( or  Chi, Prana, Mana etc…) 

 Reiki differs from other healing techniques in that it has attunements/initiations, an ancient process of tuning the healers body, both physically and spiritually  to a higher vibration allowing the healer to become a channel for the energy to flow.  Once the channel is open it will remain open for the rest of the healers life.

Many have tried to define Reiki or lay claim to it being of their religion/belief, in truth I believe Reiki belongs to all religions and all beliefs for Reiki “Simply Is”. To ponder to long on such things would result in one losing  out on the experience and rewards that Reiki has to offer, “Simply be Reiki”.

Recently many other stories and ideas of the true roots of Reiki have began to emerge from Japan, these are some what different to the ways and teachings of Mrs Takata, who brought Reiki to the Western world and established the Reiki as we in the west know it today.

I believe we should embrace these ways, and our new found Brother's and Sisters from Japan and merge them into one, to create an even stronger system, a world wide system for all.

Mrs Takata's Western style Reiki has always included set hand positions, this is very good for the beginner to use, but I feel it should only be as a guide.  it is now emerging from Japan that Dr, Mikao Usui did not teach set hand position but instead encouraged intuition, follow the Reiki.

I have found this to be the case for me whilst giving healing, the taught hand positions get pushed aside as the Reiki guides me to the next position.  However I still teach the hand positions, because as I said before it is good for beginners, but I do emphasise that the student should follow any intuitive feeling he/she receives and go with the flow and "Let Reiki Guide You."    



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