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    The Pittsburgh Old Record Collectors Club. Is an non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of original R & B music, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    This club was formed by a group of dedicated music lovers in 1991. P.O.R.C.C. was the first organization of its kind in the Pittsburgh Area. Our goal is still to bring in the original groups for the preservation and enjoyment of their music for our members.

    Our club has brought many entertainers to Pittsburgh over the years. We have enjoyed groups like The Moonglows, Coasters, El Dorados, Drifters, Harptones, Chantels, Dubs, Spaniels and Flamingos. "We have shown these groups sincere appreciation for their talents from the beginning, with so little funding, our own members had groups staying in their homes because the club couldn't afford hotel accommodations.   Members collectively would have pot luck dinners for the groups as they practiced.   Our members also went to New York Or Philadelphia in a rented van to bring the groups back to Pittsburgh to perform.  We wanted these groups to know they had not been forgotten and they will tell you that the Pittsburgh Old Record Collectors Club was the nucleus by which some of these wonderful performers got the recognition they deserved.

    Our mentor, Porky Chedwick was and is there today to continue to help us promote these fabulous entertainers. These groups relish the chance to thank Porky in person, and the club members, for all the support of their music. 

    P.O.R.C.C. has the best monthly dances in Pittsburgh. Everyone is welcome.  Our concerts are held about every 6 weeks.  Check our events link for all of the details. 


Look at the Names that have made our shows successful - by Appearance Date:

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