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We Proudly Present Our Guest Appearances

See some good photos of the Guest Appearances. The band playing with these guests is comprised of some very talented and local people, rounding out some fabulous shows. As a service to our members we do create and sell the video (A Special Thanks to Media Quest for making the videos) of each show, and you can reserve yours even if you are an associate member or can't make a show.

TuneWeavers TuneWeavers1 Earl Cadillac's Sept.9, 2007
Otis & the Charms Otis October 7,2007
The Heartbeats Heartbeats November 11, 2007

Do you have a good photo that would be good to share with our site visitors? Mail us the photo copy either by snail-mail or using email. Click here to e-mail photo now, attach electronic photo before sending out mail.


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