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Membership Information

   PORCC memberships support the perpetuation of "doo-wop" oldies music.  We are a non-profit organization and all the monies collected from the membership dues, concerts and dances support payment of the entertainers, sound companies, and all operation expenses incurred for our events.  The board members volunteer their time and energy.

    The intimacy of belonging to a club, seeing these groups do individual shows of THEIR OWN MUSIC in a smaller room where you can interact with the entertainers is so very enjoyable.  You will meet people from all walks of life and make many lifelong friendships because we all share that common bond - the music we love.

    REGULAR MEMBERSHIP dues are $40 every quarter (every 3 months starting with January).  These dues entitle you to the special door fee of $20 for the concerts.   If You bring a spouse/guest the door fee is 2/$35.  Non-members will pay more at the door.

    OTHER MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS - You will receive a monthly newsletter with all upcoming details of shows, dances, etc., and a membership card. DVD's may be purchased of the shows, non-members are NOT eligible to order. With your membership card, there will be some local merchants and members offering discounts to PORCC members only.

    ASSOCIATE OR OUT OF STATE MEMBERSHIPS are available for $30.00/year. These are lesser membership dues, but only permission to attend 3 of the clubs shows at member rates for the year. Other membership benefits are the same - DVD's are available to you also.          

[ Associate Membership Document] [ Regular Memberhip Document]

    You can apply two ways.  Download the attached application, fill it out and email it to, or print the attached application, fill it out and US mail it with your check to:


707 Flint Road

Allison Park, Pa. 15101


Thanks For Supporting PORCC And Keeping The Music Alive!!!

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