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Cave Jewels
10 November 2003, Monday
Time 20:00

Shh! Don’t talk!
You have to whisper here.
There are things you don’t know yet—
dangerous things.
If you talk too loud,
you might wake up the sleeping dragons.
You can come into the dungeon,
but you have to tiptoe.
Step over the jewels—
If they see you near them,
they might think you want to steal them.
I’ll tell you now that they’re ideas.
The dragons are very protective of them.
They are faceted and encrusted
in gold and silver.
They are more valuable than you could ever imagine.
To you, they may seem dull and worthless.
But to their owner they are priceless.
Shh! I hear a dragon moving!
If you come much deeper
into my dungeon,
they might wake up.
The jewels come in many shapes and sizes—
They reach deep into the past,
and will last long into the future.
Only the worthiest people are allowed to see them.
If you read the diaries of the dragons,
you will learn of their pursuits
to protect the jewels.
The have encountered many people,
engaged in many battles.
They are allowed to rest right now
only because they have entrusted me
to protect the jewels.
I’m supposed to alert them if
any danger arises.
I don’t sense that you are dangerous;
that is why I trust you with
the knowledge of the jewels.
Wait! I hear a dragon stirring!
Quickly, you must leave!
No questions to be asked,
you must go now!
If the dragons see you,
you will surely see their revenge.
Have faith, I will show you the cave
another day.
Quickly, go now!