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It All Feels Different Now
11 November 2003, Tuesday
Time 23:14

I told you everything today.
I really opened up my heart.
I let you in on all my secrets
So we could make a brand new start.

Weíre starting over now, it seems,
With words and yes, emotions too.
I feel right now the same damn way
As when I first encountered you.

Itís troubling to me right now;
To feel this way is kind of hard.
Why? I really couldnít say.
Perhaps itís Ďcause youíve seen my heart.

Will this last until I see you next?
Iím not quite sure how long it will.
My thinking right nowís not the best
But maybe it will clear up soon.

In any case, you know me now:
My inner thoughts about our state.
And all of it feels kind of weird,
But itíll change before too late.