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.:The EarthBound Games:.
 EarthBound 0 / Mother 1 (NES)
 EarthBound / Mother 2 (SNES)
 EarthBound 64 (N64) *cancelled*
 Mother 3 (GBA)
 Mother 1 + 2 (GBA)

.:The Smash Bros Games:.
 Super Smash Bros (N64)
 Super Smash Bros Melee (GCN)
 Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

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.:Site Database:.
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.:Commonly Asked Questions:.

The purpose of this site:
Allotta EarthBound Junk (referred to as AEBJ for short) is a site dedicated to the EarthBound and Super Smash Bros video game series. EarthBound is a Role Playing Game (RPG) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Super Smash Bros series features Ness from EarthBound as one of the fighters.

The site's history:
I started working on WEBJ in the Summer of 1999. It had just a basic walkthrough and links. I have continued to work (off and on) on the site ever since.

EarthBound 64... what happened!?
EarthBound 64 was going to be released for the Nintendo 64 in Japan with a possible United States release to follow. The game was often delayed and finally cancelled in 1999.

Mother, Mother 2, Mother 3????
Mother is the EarthBound series' name in Japan. For more information visit each game's respective section.

Anything else?
I am a former staff member, forum moderator, and chat-op of the EarthBound community's flagship website, Starmen.Net. I still occasionally contribute to articles and contests. You can find me lurking the forums posting as "Colin-".

.:Awards AEBJ Won:.

AEBJ was the first EarthBound fansite to receive the most coveted award in EarthBound Online Community History, the EB Site Spotlight.

Other Awards AEBJ Has Won: