Amy's Pixel Doll Contests

All contests are on hold for now because I'm a new mom and haven't had time to keep up. I know you all worked very hard so I don't want to just close them completely. I eventually want to follow through with them. I'm so sorry for this.

My Contest Rules:

1. Your doll MUST be created by YOU, with the exception of the base.

2. DO NOT frankendoll, i.e. use parts of other people's dolls or recolor/resize other people's dolls and try to claim them as your own.

3. You MUST follow the rules of the base artist regarding usage, if you use someone else's base.

4. Please, no excessive gore or nudity. A little is ok IF it pertains to the contest subject.

5. Please, no excessive backgrounds. After all, the dolls are the focus here. :)

6. DO NOT enter ANY dollmaker dolls, drag-n-drop dolls, candybar dolls, or dolls containing parts from dollmaker sites.

7. I can reserve a spot for you if you wish, but if you ask to reserve a spot, be sure that you are committed to entering because I don't want to reserve a bunch of spots only to have them sit empty for a long time. Generally if I don't receive it within 2 weeks I'll reopen the spot for someone else.

8. Your entry(ies) may be jpg, gif, png, or bmp, whatever you are comfortable with. Please keep the size reasonable for the sake of those viewers using dial-up connections.

9. Please provide your name, website URL, email address, base credit and URL and contest name with each entry. Entries are to be emailed to

10. Entry limit is 2 per person per contest please. (That means you can enter each contest with up to 2 entries) :)

11. Please do not enter the same exact doll into more than two of my contests (past or present). This will not only keep things fair, it will encourage you to keep working on new dolls and hopefully inspire creativity!

12. I will not tolerate voting abuse or any other forms of cheating...I reserve the right to disqualify any entries that go against any of these rules. Let's please keep this FUN!

Now, on to the contests!


Gone With the Wind19/20Open
Musicals14/14Voting closed, awards pending!
The Old West15/15Closed, pending one reservation
Mom & Baby4/15Now Open!
The Color Green16/15CLOSED voting will begin soon!
My Fair Lady2/15Now Open!


Lord of the Rings10/10AWARDS
Copper Challenge11/10AWARDS
Color Combos10/10AWARDS
~Inspired By~10/10AWARDS
Back To School10/10AWARDS
Costume Party10/10AWARDS
19th-Century Fashion10/10AWARDS
Winter Birds10/10AWARDS
Amy's Favorite Actresses10/10AWARDS
Star Wars Creatures20/20AWARDS
Harry Potter Characters20/20AWARDS
Mix-N-Match Fashion10/10AWARDS
Dolls In Uniform19/19AWARDS
At the Beach!20/20AWARDS
White Dress20/20AWARDS
~In Mourning~20/20AWARDS
Comic Book Superheroes20/20AWARDS are now up!

There will be a people's choice award, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and one or two other award categories depending on the contest subject, for each contest. There is also a participation award for every contest. People's Choice is done by poll.

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