Amy's Pixel Doll Contest #28: Pick-a-Doll (Barbie ™)

For this contest, you get to choose one of the Barbies in the links below and make a pixel doll of it. I think that there are so many beautiful Barbie dolls out there, and these are my most favorites :) I can't wait to see the results!

Day at the Races
Queen Elizabeth I
Victorian Holiday
Chinese New Year
Daria Celebutante
French Quarter
Nolan Miller Evening Illusion
Exotic Beauty
The Rose
Eliza Doolittle
Don't forget to follow the general rules on the main page.

Please email your entry to Also include your name, email, base credit and link, and your own website link. Don't forget to put the contest name in your subject line! The entry rules can be found on my main contest page.

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