Caleb A. Mertz | Services
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Acting for TV/Film
An active participant in groups and classes to enhance acting ability is keeping Caleb on his toes. Some accredation comes from Professor Katie Rodda at SDCCD, but further projects are displayed on the TV/Film Demo-Reel. Some role types for Caleb A. Mertz may include: father, cop, prick, all-american guy, hill billy, military, nice-guy, evil nice-guy, etc. Please continue reading for a glimpse of the demo-reel and resume.
I have always been interested in making voices for cartoons and decided to learn a bit more about it. I discovered the world of Voice-Over and all the components and areas it contains. From there I took that interest and put it into motion. I now offer services including commercial, cartoon/animation, Documentary, Audio Books, and Industrial. See what I've done.
When I was twelve I began writing my first book, based mostly on my life and the situations at hand. Now, twelve plus years later, there are three titles in which you can enjoy. Continue Reading
Creative Writing
Going hand in hand with writing fiction novels is creative writing. I write for as the Allentown Craft Beer Examiner and San Diego Community Theater Examiner. There are also the fun writing projects that take place across the web. Take a look at some of the other things I'm doing.
Graphic Design
Whether it's business cards or a business logo, I can help. I've designed logos, pamphlets, magazines, menus, business cards, book covers, etc. Included into this category is typography and web design. Take a moment and see some of the things I've done to see what I can help you with.