Caleb A. Mertz | Author
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The Unexpected

President Andrew Rakford stands as leader to a world begging for change. But the peaceful ways intended are smited in light of Christians turning terrorist. President Rakford must now wage a war to stop their reign, not knowing he'd soon invade a church, charge the Pastor as leader, and denounce his right hand man for the sake of the country. Wielding the wrath of the United States military, he understands he's against something greater than man, but he won't stop. For anything.

"...great book loved it"
-Jeffrey Fogel via Facebook

"phenomenol. Would not expect to see a story like this, definitely gives us a new perspective."
-Preeya Patel via Facebook

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The Silhouetted Leaves

Jamie's lying about the psychotic episodes by calling them her psychic visions. The visions get worse, as Jack wanders from her side, forcing action upon these delusional thoughts. Jack and Jamie have been roommates for over six years before the visions begin picking up intensity. As they worsen, she begins to see some aspects of their life that had been forgotten about. Falling for his theater director causes a bout of psychotic dilemma's as Jack realizes he suffers from the same schizophrenia. Being involved with a murder, each person now stands alone to depend on the visions they had once striven for. As crazed as the person who possess them, each dementia's demonic role unfolds in a just time. With their worlds torn apart, the visions make everything okay, right up until their very end

"The actions Mertz describes made me flashback to my viewing of "Paranormal Activity" and sent chills up my spine." - Larissa Boyer, The Sentinel

Read sample chapters, or Buy the Ebook!
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With Thoughts of Jason

A boy of reservation, and intelligence has a tremendous point of view. Over the summer many lessons are learned. Experiencing the world for the first time, leaves Jason with a feeling of accomplishment. Losing weight, and gaining an acceptable self image are goals many strive for. When Jason achieves this, he sets himself up for more than he might be able to bear. Twisted with feelings for many boys, and having the uncaring hands of family and friends ushering him along his path of life results in more torture than one might ever wish to withstand. Prevailing through it all, Jason's life is coming to a quicker end than he could have expected. Love, life, and legacy only scraping the surface.

"...Mertz expertly guides us through Jason's pain and vulnerability, and eventually towards the tragic fate that lurks in the shadows. The sensitivity with which Mertz approaches around the subject is highly noteworthy..."

- Hamdhoon Rashad of