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Rapid Response Team

Request assistance from the PAN Rapid Response Team. Your request will go out to knowledgable PAN patients, doctors and the moderator of this group. Assistance is usually provided in less than 3 hours.

The Rapid Response Team is a group of individuals from the PAN Research and Support Network who volunteer to help you get answers as quickly as possible.  Your request will go to several key members of the PRSN who have medical experience with PAN, Vasculitis and Autoimmune diseases.  We will respond to you as soon as we can, however, it may take several hours or possibly a day to respond.  Please note following points:
1. If you are experiecing an immediate medical emergency DO NOT use this form to seek assistance.  Please contact your doctor, or go to a hospital emergency room for help. 
2. We cannot give specific medical advice, but only tell you about options, direct you to further resources,  assist you in becoming involved with the PRSN, or share some of our experiences as to how they relate to your situation.
3.  Your information WILL NOT be shared with anyone but the members of the PAN Rapid Response Team without your written permission.

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