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Other organizations and resources dedicated to educating and helping vasculitis patients

Arbeitskreis der Vaskulitis-Patienten-Selbsthilfegruppe VPS

The Vasculitis Support Group

" The working committee Vaskulitis promotes the establishing of new regional support-groups all over Germany and to make them known. Thus patients who have not yet had any contact to a VPS group can get a chance of contacting hitherto unknown sources of help nad/or information. Of course, members try to get in touch with concerned ones in Germany and other European countries."

Upcoming VPS Events:


The Vasculitis Foundation

The Vasculitis Foundation (VF) is the only international organization for patients with Vasculitis. Founded in 1986, VF provides patients and family members with practical information and coping strategies to live successfully with Vasculitis.
Mission: The Vasculitis Foundation supports and empowers patients through education, awareness and research.


Upcoming VF Events:

1st VF European Patient Symposium.
Patients, family members, friends and medical professionals are invited to attend the Vasculitis Foundation's 1st European Patients' Symposium at Queens' College, Cambridge, England, Sept. 14-15, 2007.
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The Churg Strauss Syndrome Association

"The CSSA works toward raising public awareness about CSS and provides assistance in understanding the disease and treatment process. We hope to stimulate and support research into the cause and cure of Churg Strauss Syndrome."

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The Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network

The Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network was created to facilitate collaboration among experts in many different types of rare diseases. Our goal is to contribute to the research and treatment of rare diseases by working together to identify biomarkers for disease risk, disease severity and activity, and clinical outcome, while also encouraging development of new approaches to diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

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