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The PAN PAL Network United States Map

One of the most important aspects of the PAN Research and Support Network is to connect people who share this devastating illness.

Using this map, you can find out if there is another member of the PAN Network living near you and who is open to correspondence.

Everyone on this list welcomes correspondence from others. You can email the person directly by clicking on his/her email address.

If you would like to be added to the PAN Pal Network Map email Ed at

Include the following information in your email:

  1. Name (First name is fine, unless you wish to give your full name)
  2. Location: City where you live. (PLEASE DO NOT GIVE FULL ADDRESS--CITY or TOWN ONLY)
  3. Patient / Caregiver: Indicate whether you are a PAN (or vasculitis) patient or a caregiver. If a caregiver, please give name of patient
  4. Email Address: Your email address
  5. Date of diagnosis: Month/year when you were diagnosed


Region 1

Region 4

Region 7

Alaska - California - Hawaii - Oregon - California - Nevada - Washington Idaho - Illionis - Nebraska - North Dakota - Minnosota - South Dakota- Wisconsen Alabama - Florida - Georgia - Missippi - North Carolina - South Carolina - Puerto Rico

Region 2

Region 5

Region 8

Montana - Idaho - Wyoming Arkansas - Kansas - Louisana - Missouri - Oklahoma - Texas Delaware - New Jersey - Maryland - New York - Pennsylvania - Virgina- Washington D.C. - West Virgina

Region 3

Region 6

Region 9

Utah - Colorado - Arizona- New Mexico Indiana - Kentucky- Ohio -Michigan New Hampshire- Maine - Massachuets - Rhode Island - Vermont - Connecticut

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