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These are some of my symptoms. Are these autoimmune symptoms? Could they be related to Fibromyalgia Symptoms:

Dr. Karen:

Let me tell you a little about fibromyalgia. It is a disease that affects the tendons/muscles where they attach to the bone. This is why it may feel like joint pain. The 18 points on the classic chart are not all that here is. TMJ may be related to fibromyalgia but not due to fibromyalgia. Irritable bowel syndrome is often related. Having parasthersia's is common. Fibromyalgia is very symmetrical.

You may have pain in one are that comes and goes but if you get a massage, you find that the opposite side has pain in the same places. I believe the pain causes sleep problems and not the other way around. The fact that amitriptyline help, I believe, is due to the array of neurotransmitters it effects. Small doses can do wonders.

Fibromyalgia will get worse with changing activity, i.e. going on a vacation, starting a work out at the gym, weather changes, stress, pregnancy etc. I mentioned temporal pain because of the muscles attach to the scull there, and fibryomyalgia can give headaches by pinching on small nerves that go to the scalp. You will get malaise and myalgias. Studies with PET scans show that people who have fibro have more metabolic activity in the part of the brain that registers pain than normal controls. I think it is a real disease entity.

Enlarged spleen is usually due to the spleen removing some abnormal blood cells such as RBC's and platelets. Are you on any medication? Alcohol can cause platelet dysfunction even with a normal amount present. There are tests that can be done to evaluate the platelet function. Do you have any anemia? Any abdominal pain? Are you working? Do you have any limitations? With the chest pain, low grade temp and night sweats have you been evaluated for lymphoma? How long have you been sick?

I have seen B19 parvovirus cause joint pain, with inflamed joints, and generalized rash. This only lasts 3-4 months and them resolves. It is called Fifth's disease in children which is less severe and presents with a slapped face appearance. It is more common in the spring and fall of the year.

Do you have AM stiffness? and if so for how long? What meds are you taking? I will understand if you don't feel comfortable giving me more information. I'm not sure I can help but being in the same place I would like to help if I can. You were right in that you can not make a diagnosis over the internet, but we can look at some different directions.

I'm in the same boat and maybe you could give me some information that might help me. I believe the women between 30-60 are not taken as serious. I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN for an evaluation. The physician I saw was a jerk. He did not read my chart or look at my name, because if he had he would have know I was a physician myself. He basically told me that he did not expect any of my test to be abnormal ant that I should see a psychiatrist.

I did have some abnormal tests, I had blood in my urine and elevated alk phos levels which we still can't fine a reason for. Hopefully your next Rheumy will be much better. It seems to me that you need a biopsy of the inflamed vessel when it happens.

I have muscle pain, morning stiffness and stiffness after sitting for some time, I have had daily headaches which are getting better, extreme fatigue which is why I was off work for 8 1/2 months. I developed pancreatitis which was thought to be due to the vasculitis (that I didn't have) but was really due to high dose pred and sludge in my gall bladder. Once I got my gall bladder out and weaned more off the pred. I was then able to eat a little more. Sometimes it is hard to determine what is the disease and what is the side-effects.

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