ello and thanks for popping into A conservative blog for peace or one of its related reference pages. I first made this site literally in the last days of 1999, first trying my hand at site-making with (gack) AOLs 1-2-3 Publish. I looked at the results, said Aagh! (actually something more colorful) and set out to do better, which Ive been doing v-e-r-y slowly ever since.

Not only has this site been an exercise in teaching myself HTML but then, as now (more successful than ever in blog form since January 2003), it has a message with several points:

WARNING: May challenge and even demolish your pre-conceived notions of Christianity and conservatism.

A lot of these ideas of course arent my inventions. Im standing on the shoulders of giants.

This sites message has been refined and more focused since 9/11, for which both my faith and my formation from LRC had prepared me.

But this blog isnt all serious: as in many others there are jokes and info and opinions on whats happening in other blogs, in television, in movies, and even in literature now and then.

Thanks again for stopping by to find out more about the site. Enjoy!

Peace ( !).

Traditional religion Peace and social justice

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