Peace on earth?!
Why I am not a pacifist

hree millennia had passed since the very first Christmas.

For first 500 years of the first millennium, He was largely unknown to the world, kept alive by a chosen few believers who nurtured His flame, who transcribed and passed on his words of Peace, Benevolence, and Kindness.

Throughout the second, His words were twisted and misrepresented to justify killing and war in His Name.

By the end of the second, much of His message had been obscured by base commercialism and secular debasement. The humanist politicians, with their hate of all things religious, had destroyed the true spirit of God's love. The all important message of Christmas: "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men" was lost to everyone who rushed through malls to buy a Pokémon.

It took most of the third millennium for Mankind to finally mature enough to digest the words of the Babe born in a Manger, so many long years before.

Two millennia ravaged by wars, scarred by hate, jealousy, rivalries, envy, bitter selfishness and materialism, elitism, racism, hunger, want, ignorance, poverty, divisive nationalism, disease and pestilence.

Somehow, after an enormous shattering inferno of lives and souls, of political upheavals and much death, killing, maiming, torturing and all manner of hatred and evil, finally Mankind overcame his primal instincts.

At long last, after untold generations decimated, genocide purges destroying the promise of entire races, trillions spent on weapons of destruction, trillions of dollars of damage done.

At long last, after the Earth is despoiled almost beyond recognition and resurrection.

Then, at perhaps the last moment before his annihilation by his own hand, Mankind learned how to really live His most important message:

"Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself"

It took the near Holocaust of the entire human species, but at long last, Mankind experienced the revelation of spirit and began to live the precepts of Christianity as He always meant them to be lived.

In only a generation, there was no hunger. There was no ignorance. Poverty, disease, want, cruelty, brutality, crime and racism were all wiped out completely.

Most astounding of all, every weapon, from the least switchblade knife to the most sophisticated nuclear missile was destroyed, "beaten into plowshares" as the Good Book said.

And a Golden Age dawned on Mankind, and within another generation all belligerent instincts were wiped from the very genes and DNA of Homo Sapiens.

No one was even alive who knew how to manufacture or create any kind of weapon whatsoever.

And from space, the New Conquistadors saw that the Earth was ripe for the plucking, and easily slaughtered half of the pudgy, soft, pacifist humans in the most painful manner possible. Then they did gruesome experiments and dissected alive several billion; then enslaved the rest, fattening the choicest for their feasts. The first and most elaborate, with over 20,000,000 infant babies grilled and served "en croute", was on Christmas Day, 3001.

From Doc Weasel. Ho ho ho.


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