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Rangeley Lakes, Maine, 1999

Hello! Thanks for stopping by this small outpost of the Old World Order, doing my small part to restore Christendom: a society based on God’s plan that both respects the dignity of every person as an icon of Christ and is universal (catholic). I make newspaper pages for a living, including a small religion page.

Topics I hope to cover here, or at least have helpful links to, include:

PROLIFETHE CHURCH † RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: A RELATIVE GOOD, NOT AN ABSOLUTE (The US Constitution is fallible) † LIBERALITY VS. LIBERALISM † THE SECULAR LEFT: RIPOFF OF CHRISTIANITY? (Bogus ‘Christianity without Christ’) † NO ‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’ (The anti-WTO protesters in Seattle had a point) † MONARCHYUNMASKING THE GODDESS (Goddess worship is both anti-Christ and has more in common with Nazism than with peace or love)

The following link sums things up pretty well:
Traditionalist Conservatism
Not the GOP, not libertarianism: Information, FAQ and links
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Another site that’s pretty cool (though I may not agree with absolutely everything on it): The Cool-Ohm Zone

The Royal Union Flag with Crosses 
of SS. George, Andrew and Patrick

Also, for a good look at the shell of what once was a lively Christian culture, in a country where I once lived, click on the Union Jack to see this: England
Religious, architectural and historical links

Enjoy the site!