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Few question this child’s right to live. Why was the one below denied this right?
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In 1945 when the US Army occupied Germany and German-controlled parts of Poland, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower ordered the German townfolk marched through the concentration camps where millions of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, dissident Germans and others were murdered, so no one could deny what happened.

Something very like this needs to be done today regarding abortion. The media and pro-abortion groups have the North American and European peoples tongue-tied by wrapping abortion in the rhetoric of ‘choice’ or ‘women’s rights’, scaring them into pleading ignorance or keeping quiet about the whole thing.

The picture below and similar images need to be shown - on CNN, in the newspapers, practically everywhere! - to open the eyes of all as those of the Germans were in 1945 about the Holocaust (Shoah). Abortion is killing - not ‘choice’, not someone’s ‘right’, not ‘freedom’ - just ugly, dirty KILLING.

Isn’t it ironic that the same people and groups who decry censorship as ‘un-American’ are the ones who would do anything to keep ordinary people from seeing this?

If everyone saw what you’re seeing here, there would be a massive outcry to BAN abortion-on-demand NOW.

Abortion is also part of what Pope John Paul II rightly has described and decried as ‘the culture of death’ - something that includes artificial contraception and euthanasia, and endangers the rights and lives of us all. For a better description of this, see the link below.

Human Life International

The hands of a baby aborted at 10 weeks’ gestation


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‘An abortionist is certainly safer in front of his window than over a million babies a year are in their mothers’ wombs. In the three decades since the [US] Supreme Court invented a constitutional right to abortion, the casualty figures are seven murdered abortionists to 30 million murdered babies.’
Columnist Ann Coulter


‘Abortion is a uniquely feminine, even feminist, form of violence.’
Father Patrick Arnold

Abortion, from a Buddhist viewpoint, is an act of killing.
The Dalai Lama

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Discover consequences of ‘tough moral decisions’

Underpopulation, Not Overpopulation, the Real Global Problem

Operation Rescue

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Democrats for Life
The US Democratic Party may be wrong economically but many sincere people belong to it for historical or well-meant charitable reasons. And some of them tell the truth about abortion.

Libertarians for Life

Right: Patricia Heaton, honorary chair, Feminists for Life
Pro-Life Feminists
For real!

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More from Sapienza

Why Contraception Is Wrong

Allegorical Icon About Abortion
By Kostas Vrousgos, a Greek Orthodox



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