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Съ нами Богъ
Jesus, God the Son and a Jew

I’m as anti-state of Israel as a non-Palestinian can be.

And don’t go in for dispensationalist Protestant rubbish.

And realise that in the culture wars secular Jews are often on the wrong side. (But we brought that on ourselves with our history of uncharity towards them.)


Not every link in the blog perfectly represents my views. A Conservative Blog for Peace is definitely NOT a racist or anti-Semitic ‘hate site’! There is absolutely NO place for eugenics or for pseudoscientific theories about racial superiority in the Christian worldview. And for the record, the Holocaust was Hitler’s war against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as manifested in His ‘People of the Book’, of the Old Covenant, the Jews, of whom Jesus was one. The Nazis were neo-pagans who wanted to revive Norse religion, not Christians.

So neo-Nazis and KKKers, BEGONE!

‘We are spiritual Semites.’
- Pope Pius XI