The Big Potato

The Big Potato and the Colgate Australia Study Group
The Big Potato with the Colgate University Fall 2000 Australia Study Group.
Steve and Ezra climb the Big Potato, while Ellen watches
Steve and Ezra climb the back of the Big Potato, while Professor of Geography Ellen Kraly watches.

The farmers of the sleepy town of Robertson, NSW, Australia, wanted to bring excitement to their little hamlet, and also heaps of tourist dollars. So they built a giant concrete potato. Unfortunatley, the gospel of The Potato had not yet spread far enough, so their acheivement is now overshadowed by the famous Robertson Pie Shop. Mmm, pies...

The Potato of Your Life
To the tune of "Good Riddance," by Green Day.

Walkabout: Robertson

Map of Australia
Map of Australia, showing locations of Robertson (home of the Big Potato) and Uluru (which looks like a big potato).

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