Start time: 8:15 End time : 10:40 The set list: 1.Satisfaction 2.Let's Spend The Night Together 3.Flip The Switch 4.Gimme Shelter 5.Sister Morphine 6.Bitch 7.Saint Of Me 8.Out Of Control 9.Star Star (web choice) 10.Miss You -- Introductions -- 11.You Don't Have to Mean It (Keith) 12.Wanna Hold You (Keith) 13.Little Queenie (center stage) 14.The Last Time (center stage) 15.Like A Rolling Stone (center stage) 16.Sympathy For The Devil 17.Tumbling Dice 18.Honky Tonk Women 19.Start Me Up 20.Jumping Jack Flash 21.You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) 22.Brown Sugar (encore)

Made the 6 hour drive to Syracuse from Pittsburgh with my friend Debbie, who was going with me NOT to see the Stones believe it or not (even though I had an extra ticket) but to see her Mom. We checked into the Radisson around 4pm, thanks to Jason The Keithaholic & my roomie & new Stones buddy, Jill. This was the first show I was attending with a "new" group of internet folks, none of which I had met before. The AOL Stones chat group hosted a party at Faegan's Bar a few blocks from the Carrier Dome & that was our first stop. The bar was already on its way to being totally packed with Stones fans when we arrived. I was greeted by StonesDoug with his license plates on his back-LOL! And immediately he gave me a Stones keyring viewfinder with an '81 pic of Keith inside! They sure do know how to make Blue Lena feel welcome :-) I had alot people come up & introduce themselves to me, telling me they had visited my web page which is always cool. I appreciate all visitors & love meeting them in person! Next I had to skip out to go to Will Call to pick up my tickets, not knowing where my seats were. I was shaking with anticipation. My tix had just arrived when I got to the window & I pulled them out, going through the alphabet in my head-section 7, row N , seats 1-2. YES!!! ROW 14!!!!!! Cool. Now I had to find someone to buy my extra ticket-imagine that, a 14th row seat & no one to share it with! When I got back to Faegan's the little teenage bouncer wasn't going to let me back in the bar since I line had formed outside the door, but Debbie & I managed to make it back in. Jill ended up taking my tiket, upgrading from her seat by the center stage. She was hesitant but I said "Ok, it's 3 songs up close or 20 songs up close, your choice!". I ended up standing on the window sill at the bar for most of the pre-show party because it was so damn crowded. Jason was busy getting people to sign his cool scrapbook & doing his Mick dance impressions. I got a skull lollipop from someone-thanks! And really had an awesome time at that pre-party. I was surprised to run into Fred the Straycat & Skippy & Misty from SFJ. They had their 5 month old son, Brian, there wearing his baby Stones tongue t-shirt. Too cute, his first Stones party & he ended up seeing the show as well, lucky little guy! We headed up to the Dome about 7:45, we never heard of the opening act,which was Our Lady Peace, so we skipped them. We actually got to our seats just as the lights went down. Everytime I am at a show, and this was my 8th this tour I get that same feeling-I can't believe I am here again in the same room, breathing the same air as Keith! Hahaha. No, really, I do! Keith rips into Satisfaction, and were rocking & rolling and things are underway. Jill is getting her first up close & personal look at Jagger & is saying something like "I have to change my underwear" LMAO. Believe me girlfriend I know the feeling. Keith had the best wardrobe this tour & this show in particular. He came out in the cheetah coat, purple silk shirt & black vest, stripped the coat off immediately after the first number & was looking damn fine during Let's Spend The Night Together. God I love when he cuts into the riff for Flip The Switch, classic Keith that one. The setloist didn't stray very far off the beaten path, but the show was high energy. Jagger even apologized for having to cancel Syrcuse in January & Keith said something like "we knew we'd be better in the Spring". During Sister Morphine I wil never forget how cool Keith looked, bathed in a yellow spotlight, a sinister silhouette, smoke billowing around his head-wow. I had to freeze-framed that image in my mind. We also got to hear Bitch again, which was cool. Star Star was web choice, I was hoping against hope for Shine A Light. They did a very bizarre version, kind of a cross between It's Only Rock & Roll & Starfucker...the lyrics were definately askew, but Mick did sing "giving head to Brad Pitt". When it was time for Keith's set I of course had been praying to the shrine for Thief In The Night, but You Don't Have To Mean It, was just as cool-swaying to that reggae beat. Keith had by now changed into a white shirt, black vest & black pin striped waist coat, looking tres cool. Wanna Hold You always rocks out. This was the first time I was on the floor to see the actual bridge come out, the other 2 times I was on the floor they only had the catwalk. We had to stand on our chairs this time (when in Rome Mr. X) in order to see the center stage, but the view was fabulous. Killer on the feet though. It was a tear jerker to have to sing The Last Time, so close to the end of the North American Tour-so we shouted out the "Oh NO's" pretty loud instead. Like A Rolling Stones is always a crowd pleaser & when they put the house lights up so you can see everyone in the whole place jamming, it's even more exciting. Keith by now was wearing just the white shirt & black vest-yum. All the old standards were jamming as usual, I recall Jumping Jack Flash just being killer Keith was so into the riff, riding that baby for all it was worth. The posing was quite nice this show too ;-) We Hags live for those kicks & splits and then Keith is down & we say "on your knees baby!". The glitter falling down during the end of the show is always a memorable sight & when it was over we stuffed handfulls into our purses for our scrapbooks. I even got the sign from my row for a souvenir. It was a long wait to get out of the Dome, so Jill & I walked to the front of the stage & watched the roadies tear that thing down, amazing how quick they are out of there. Our feet were killing us & we lost the people who were gonna give us a ride back to the hotel, but lucked out in the convenience store when we ran into some fans who were headed back to the Radisson to Jason's party in 1212. We hitched a ride with them & within minutes were knocking on the door that said "Welcome To Babylon". The room was packed, people were throwing glitter, the bar was stocked, and the boots were playing. I met some more great people & Sticky Fingers gave me the ultimately coolest print of Keith done by Ronnie Wood, that he had dug out of his basement. It had a few creases, tears & wrinkles, but it is gorgeous-bless him! It's now hanging in my shrine. I had some Stoli & Cranberry (what's new?) and some sips of Jason's 1905 JD, and we partied there till 4:30am. No sooner were Jill & I up in bed falling asleep, when the phone rang & Jason's voice goes "hey man, what are you doing?" God, sleeping, whatta ya think? He persuaded us to come back downstairs to help him finish his JD with Stonesdoug, till 5:30am. You should have seen us leaving a trail of glitter down the hall so we could find our way back, we didn't have our contacts in & couldn't see anything-plus we had our shades on-what a sight that must have been! Next morning we collected all the towns newspapers with 4 star reviews (!) & had breakfast with the AOL group & headed for home. Another STONES success!!!


Pre-show party at Houston's Bar, Chicago THE BACKSTAGE CHAT CREW!!!


Start time: 8:10 End time : 10:25 The set list: 1.Satisfaction 2.Let's Spend The Night Together 3.Flip The Switch 4.Gimme Shelter 5.Sister Morphine 6.You Got Me Rocking 7.Saint Of Me 8.Out Of Control 9.Miss You -- Introductions -- 10.Thief In The Night (Keith) 11.Wanna Hold You (Keith) 12.Little Queenie (center stage) 13.I Just Want To Make Love To You (center stage) 14.Like A Rolling Stone (center stage) 15.Sympathy For The Devil 16.Tumbling Dice 17.Honky Tonk Women 18.Start Me Up 19.Jumping Jack Flash 20.You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) 21.Brown Sugar (encore)

Just returned from Chicago on Sunday night 4-26-98 & I must say that I had a blast. I heard a lot of bitching about this show in terms of the set list & sound quality, but frankly I wasn't at all disappointed. Sure MSG Friday remains my favorite of all time past & present , but Chicago rocked me as well. Maybe it was the nostalgia of knowing that it may be my last show this tour, hell as much as I hate to let it enter my mind-my last show ever. Let's hope that's not true. I kinda wished as everyone did , that they would throw some special treat in for us because it was the last US show or at least bring Buddy Guy on to play, but You Can't Always Get What You Want eh? I picked up my tix (thanks JGW dahling) at the Ritz Cartlon Stones ticket office on Thursday about 11, hoping to get Bar Babylon or at least VIP passes, but it wasn't meant to be-there was a whole stack of blank ones just sittin' on the table in front of me-if only I were a thief in the night. In any case, I wasn't disappointed with section 4 row 8 & neither was Elizabeth. We ended up being 2 seats in from the catwalk which was also cool. We met all of our fellow Stones Mania Backstage Chat friends (Elizabeth, Little T&A, Stray Cat, Peachy Kinda Girl, Midnight Rambler, Madbull, George, Mars Bar, Goat's Head, Soul Survivor, Kazdog, Torn & Frayed, Blinded, et al) at Houston's Bar next to the Lenox Suites where we were all staying & ended up having a private party, since no other SFJers or other Net folks showed up to the best of my knowledge. And the Hags were once again pleased that we drank another bar dry of Stoli! We had drank the Velvet Elvis dry in Feb. in Houston. We took some great photos & video of the party. Then onto the show! I had found a great cheetah belt in Syracuse & wore that along with my zebra shirt I found at the MTV store & my long black velvet Keithian waist coat-complete with skull scarf :-) We made our way in just as the lights went down & Buddy Guy took the stage. Buddy was the only opener of this tour that I vowed not to miss, I saw him in Pittsburgh in 95 & he blew me away. He played for about a 1/2 hour & I recall singing "and it feels like rain" and Mustang Sally, while most people around me weren't too interested. Elizabeth & I checked out the center stage after that & there was a skeleton hanging on Keith's mic stand & all kinds of bras & panties laying around stapled to the stage. We noticed a setlist laying on the floor beside the railing & asked the security guy to get it for us & he kept it for himself! The jerk. Then he proceeded to show us 2 guitar picks & said Keith only gives out 2 of these a show, which is BS. We roamed back to our seats & were dismayed to find the 5 guys in front of us were all well over 6 foot tall! And to top it off they talked the WHOLE night, never once watching the show from their $300 seats. The lights went down damn early, about 8:12 on my watch & with the scaled down stage-the barest I've seen this tour, it was a clubbish atmosphere. I screamed my lungs out when Keith slinked out in his cheetah (although this coat had some black trim on it that seemed to differ from the other cheetah coat). I always am just in awe during the opening number & then seem to regain my grip during Let's Spend The Night Together. Gimme Shelter was smokin'. Flip The Switch, ah yeah, that riff of Keith's just does it for me. I thought Out Of Control despite the feedback was killer, and I was also glad to hear You Got Me Rocking again on the main stage again (Mick kicking his cup of water during "dying to get wet"). Sister Morphine always puts a hush on the crowd & Saint always kicks ass with the "yeah oh yeah's". When Keith took the stage I held my breath & prayed to the Keithian Gods for Thief & the prayer was anwered. E & I screamed so loud that I swear 5 rows turned around to look at us! Thanks Keith!!! I was living in a corner praying to his shrine for quite a while for that one. The people next to us who had the 2 end seats next to the catwalk didn't have a clue, so we had to explain to them that the boys were gonna walk right by us. I hate the dilemma of making a plan- A (stay by that catwalk & hope to slap someone's hand) or B (rush the small stage & get as close as you can). We chose plan A this time & it worked out well. I only succeeded in reaching Chuck Leavell, Keith stayed to the other side of the walk (he probably thought "there's that chick with the scarf-yikes"). I tried to give Charlie my cheetah panties & he looked terribly embarrased & slapped Elizabeth's hand instead. We did have an excellent view of the B stage though, we just hung over the catwalk & no one was blocking our view, we were about 8 rows away. We sang this chorus "I just wanna make love to Keith, baby, love to Keith!" It gets some funny looks from those around us. When the house lights go up & everyone is standing, arms in the air, shouting "how does it feel?" there ain't nothing better than that! The rest of the show after the center stage always goes too quickly, I remember gasping during the fury of JJF, Keith was a madman. I always feel blessed just to be in the same room inhaling the same air as that man. Just like MSG, we almost cried when the glitter was falling & Brown Sugar was playing-we were drenched in glitter & it's always a beautiful site to look through the sparkling stuff toward the stage-Stones fantasy land. I tried to burn the image of the final bow in my mind as they turned to bow arm & arm to the front & back of the stage. After the lights went up we sat for a bit to just try to get used to the fact that the North American Tour was over, we had been there, and the bridge in the US was indeed closed. God Bless The Rolling Stones!