• "I never turned blue in somebody else's bathroom. I consider that the height of bad manners."

  • "There's only one fatal disease, I've concluded.  It's called hypochondria. And it is deadly." submitted by Evan Meagher

  • "My one worry is falling over on stage. This may sound absurd, but I actually slipped on a hamburger in Hamburg once, and almost fell off stage."

  • "I have to live with me...and I wouldn't follow me anywhere."

  • "I would rather be a legend than a dead legend."

  • "is my local groupie in?   'ello dahlin', 'ow are ya?" submitted by Dini

  • "Art is the last thing I'm worried about when I'm writing a song. As far as I'm concerned, art is just short for 'Arthur.'" submitted by Machiel Kolstein

  • "If there ain't nothing left in the bar, then you're going to seek refuge in the Mother Fist and her five daughters... It's a lot less trouble and there's a lot more room in the bed." submitted by Machiel Kolstein

  • "because we couldn't remember their fucking names" Keith, when asked why the new album was called Some Girls. submitted by Evan Meagher

  • "I don't want to knock the Dust Brothers, but it was really the wrong choice. Mick & I cut the first go on that song, he gave it to the Dust Brothers...and it just got worse & worse. It was the first track cut, and it still ain't finished. Luckily I saved the original take."

  • "Mick sits at the synthesizer with headphones on, which I consider a prison. This is like, 'Are you wearing those things because you don't want to be interfered with? Or are you just jerking off?' See, the synthesizer worries me."

  • "I mean, I've had enough of bloody rap. I mean, 'Mary had a little lamb, his fleece was white as fuckin' snow.' What's the attraction of that? This is kindergarten shit."

  • "You know, I knew Muddy Waters up until the last months of his life. And the guy was never, ever just doing a gig. Never. He was always pushing, up until the last minute. That's an inspiration to me-that's the sort of analogy I go for."

  • "I don't need to go to the gym like Mick. I carry a five pound guitar around with me- 2 1/2 hours with the Stones will keep you fighting trim."

  • " I enjoy being Keith Richards because I don't have to be one particular thing. I can spread myself around a bit...I'm always going to be cropping up and laying something on you."

  • "Charlie Watts is playing better than ever. I've never heard him play so crisp, so tight, so powerful. I have no words, he's such a joy to play with."

  • " There's a demon in me, and he's still around. Without the dope, we have a bit more of a chat these days."

  • "As they say in Jamaica, it is rough to be de king, mon."

  • "I'll tell you what I like. I like hanging with black people. It's so much easier. They think I'm one anyway, I'm just in disguise."

  • "Ronnie's a great mixture of talent & bullshit."

  • "Charlie Watts is my absolute favorite. He has all the qualities I like in people. Great sense of humor, a lovely streak of eccentricity, a real talent, very modest."

  • "I love Mick. Most of my efforts with Mick go to trying to open his eyes: "You don't need to do this. You have no problem, all you need to do is just grow up with it.' "

  • "Mick should stop trying to be Peter Pan. I don't see the point of trying to be 25 when you're not-he's obsessed with his age."

  • " Why have Mick & I stayed together all this time? Well, we do so somewhat reluctantly."

  • "I was always very impressed with Mick Taylor. He is a great guitar player. I always got on well with him. In the early days I wasn't as close to him because Mick Taylor is a very reserved guy."

  • " Bill's this very non-commital guy, which is why I can't talk to him on the phone."

  • "This music is all about beautiful fuck-ups & recoveries."

  • "I didn't say I was a rhythm guitarist, other people made my reputation for me."

  • "There's no reason for my guitar being called Micawber, apart from the fact that it's such an unlikely name. There's no one around me called Micawber, so when I scream for Micawber everyone knows what I'm talking about."

  • "I think I was born with the Keef Riff..."

  • "Like I said many years ago, I never had a problem with drugs, only with cops."

  • "People hate themselves anyway. If it wasn't smack, they'd hate themselves for eating carrots. You can bet on it."

  • "I'm tired of being number one on the naughty boys drug poll. It's time they picked on someone else."

  • "If you are going to get wasted, then get wasted elegantly."

  • "I only ever get ill when I give up drugs."

  • "Being famous is ok, but in the courtroom it only works against you."

  • "The only thing Mick & I disagree about is the band, the music and what we do."

  • "The problem is that no-one is used to a band being around this long. Its very hard for me to think that half the audience we play to can't remember a world without the Rolling Stones.  We've become like the air you breathe.  The sun comes up, the stars come out and a new Stones album appears every couple of years." submitted by Stretch-Mo

  • When told that Marianne Faithful said that Keith was a better lover than Mick, Keith says: "She should know." Interviewer:  Did it have the ring of truth? Keith:  "Well, I wouldn't know.  I've never made love to him" submitted by Stretch-Mo

  • " I must say, in fairness to the poppy, that never once have I had a bad cold." submitted by Kathy K
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