HOUSTON SETLIST FEB. 12:Start time : 9:05 End time : 11:15 The set list: Satisfaction Let's Spend The Night Together Flip The Switch Gimme Shelter Sister Morphine You Got Me Rocking Saint Of Me Out Of Control Street Fighting Man (web choice) Miss You -- Introductions -- Thief In The Night (Keith) Wanna Hold You (Keith) Little Queenie (center stage) I Just Wanna Make Love To You (center stage) Like a Rolling Stone (center stage) Sympathy For The Devil Tumbling Dice Honky Tonk Women Start Me Up Jumping Jack Flash You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) Brown Sugar (encore)


The Stones rocked in Houston Thurday & Friday Feb. 12-13, and we got to hear alot of great tunes-Street Fighting Man, Dead Flowers, I Just Wanna Make Love To You, Under My Thumb, Thief in the Night, Ruby Tuesday-however, the Stones awesome performance was marred by overzealous security guards & the lame Houston crowd. My friends & I were thrown out for three songs Friday night for STANDING UP during the show!!! Can you believe it? I still can't & I plan to get retribution & make the Stones aware of how poorly their biggest fans were treated at the Compaq Center. Some of us had travelled many miles to see these shows & it's a shame that our experience had to be ruined all because some fat old bitch behind us thought she was at a Wayne Newton show. SHE called security on us as soon as Keith stepped on stage & when we didn't obey, the security lady called the cops on us! This should have NEVER happened & I intend to make sure that it never happens again! In the meantime BOYCOTT COMPAQ!!!!!!!! All this happened after we were featured in a news article about fans in the Friday Feb 13 edition of the Houston Chronicle (see article below). Sometimes even Stones fans don't get what they want...but it ain't the fault of the Stones!




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Rock 'n' roll fans crossed the generation line, in some cases the International Dateline, to attend the Rolling Stones' opening night concert Thursday at Compaq Center. "Everybody is jealous of Houston because you're getting to see them in such a small, wonderful arena. The rest of the world has to sit in huge football stadiums," said Bjornulf Vik of Oslo, Norway. Vik is president of the Rolling Stones Fan Club, which has members in 40 countries worldwide. "The arena shows are always the best because the band feeds off the energy of the crowd and they give back more. Mick Jagger especially is a better performer in the smaller shows like here in Houston." You can say Vik is a little bit of a Rolling Stones fan. He has traveled to America eight times during the Stones' current Bridges to Babylon tour. He's attended 19 concerts. Back home he has 1,400 Stones albums. "People ask how I can see the same group so many times. I say it is like going to baseball games. You don't go to one game and stop going. Every game is different, right? To me, every Rolling Stones concert is different," Vik said." Several Rolling Stones fan clubs made the Velvet Elvis lounge on Richmond, the official meeting place to "get pumped" for the concerts. In a sign of the times, fans were notified via the Internet. The lounge brought in a Rolling Stones lookalike band to perform Thursday and tonight after the genuine article finished at Compaq Center. Fans from around the world, who've "spoken" via e-mail for years, finally met face to face. The funky bar pulsated with Stones music, Stones memories and memories in the making. "I'm here with my 12-year-old daughter. It's great to share this experience with her," said Steve "Dr. Riff" Currin, co-editor of Sticky Fingers magazine. "I want my daughter to look back on tonight some day and say, `My Dad was right, the Rolling Stones really were the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world.' It could be the only thing we agree on." Shannon has no argument with dad when it comes to the Rolling Stones. "I'm finally getting to see the band that my father's been talking about all my life. Actually I think he talks about them a little too much. But I put up with it because he's my dad. "My friends think I'm a little weird for liking the Rolling Stones. But I think (Stones drummer) Charlie Watts is pretty cool. I really like one of their new songs called Flip the Switch, she said." James Ferris portrays Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stones tribute band, Voodoo Lounge. "I try to capture Mick as authentically as possible. I've been doing Mick almost as long as he has. I was born ugly and now I'm capitalizing on it." The last time Paula Gerson Aaronson saw Mick Jagger, he was calling downstairs for a sandwich. "Back in the early '70s, I was a professional cook in London and I got a call to work for Mick and his wife, Bianca, in their home. It was during Christmas and they wanted lots of food in the house. "The kitchen was downstairs from the rest of the house, but Mick came down a lot to get some platters," Aaronson said. "Mick was so sweet and nice. He was a lovely person. But I remember him arguing with Bianca a lot in French. They got divorced a little bit after that, so it wasn't much of a surprise." Tamara Guo, from Pittsburgh, is known as "Blue Lena" in the Rolling Stones news group on the Internet. She hooked up with six cyber buddies at the Velvet Elvis. The whole group was wearing cheetah jackets. "That's because we're Keith Richards fans. We wear these jackets in honor of him. I've been able to give him three skull scarves at other concerts. "I bought a pair of cheetah panties to give him tonight, but I left them a the hotel. I'll remember them tomorrow night," Guo said. "All the women who love Keith are known as `hags.' It stands for Hug a Great Stone." Paul Atkinson said he came to Houston to "get my ya-ya's out. My wife is home in Dallas and I promised her I'd be back home before Valentine's Day. I'm sitting in the front row. Is that the most unbelievable, incredible thing or what? I never dreamed I'd ever be this close."

MSG Setlist 1-14-98

Satisfaction Let's Spend The Night Together Flip The Switch Gimme Shelter Low Down Saint Of Me Bitch Out Of Control Memory Motel (web choice) Miss You -- Introductions -- How Can I Stop (Keith) Wanna Hold You (Keith) It's Only Rock'n Roll (center stage) Little Red Rooster (center stage) Like a Rolling Stone (center stage) Sympathy For The Devil Tumbling Dice Honky Tonk Women Start Me Up Jumping Jack Flash You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) Brown Sugar (encore)

MSG Setlist 1-16-98

Satisfaction Let's Spend The Night Together Flip The Switch Gimme Shelter Respectable Already Over Me Bitch Saint Of Me Out Of Control Miss You -- Introductions -- All About You (Keith) You Don't Have To Mean It(Keith) Little Queenie (center stage) Let It Bleed (center stage) Like a Rolling Stone (center stage) Sympathy For The Devil Tumbling Dice Honky Tonk Women Start Me Up Jumping Jack Flash You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) Brown Sugar (encore)

MSG FRIDAY-OH WHAT A NIGHT! I arrived in NYC on Friday morning January 16, the day of the show and immediately received a $50 parking ticket when I ran into the Quality Inn to find my friend Graham Wylde who had my tickets. Oh well, that's NY for ya. Graham had flown across the pond from Cambridge, England along with his friend Tony Dunn (Alan & Arnold's brother)& they were nice enough to get tickets for me as well as my husband. Graham & I immediately began to talk Stones & I got all the details from Wed. night's show, for which they had VIP passes. I was told Keith had played "How Can I Stop" and "Little Red Rooster" was done on the small stage. The excitement instantly began to build. We succeeded in boring my husband to death with Stones details (he's not quite as big a fan as I am-this was to be his first Stones show), and he headed back to his cousins place for the afternoon. Graham & I had no problem spending the rest of the afternoon discussing live shows, bootlegs, memorabilia, etc-afterall this was the first time we had met in person, we'd been internet buddies up until this point. Later in the afternoon I had the pleasure of meetting Tony Dunn & his friend Ray & getting even more inside Stones details. Around 6:30 Jo & her friend, Alicia arrived from Connecticut and we all grabbed a cab to head toward MSG. Jo & Alicia stopped at Mustang Harry's first, while we tried to hang with Tony, in case anything special came up like VIP passes or a meeting with his brother, Arnold. Of course, nothing did, but we had time to roam around & check out the stage,which was in the round (seating behind it), and grab a few drinks (Stoli for me, JD for Graham). Tony even brought us a few drinks from the VIP lounge. I bought a great Stones fleece pullover at the merchandise stand. We checked out our seats, which were 300 level out from the center stage, but of course since MSG was small they still had a great view. Graham & I had more time to chat Stones before Fiona Apple came on (not that we would have cared if we had missed her!). I was amused by her attitude as she said "like, I am SO happy you are all appreciative, cuz if you weren't appreciative, I don't know WHAT I'd do" or something to that effect. By this time the arena began to fill up, soon my husband arrived & so did Jo, Alicia & her brother. Tony came back up & I gave him my third & final scarf that I had for Keith (I guess now I have to resort to bras like the common folks!), placed it in a bag marked "For Keith Richards" and he proceeded to take it backstage for me & give it to Jane Rose (Keith's manager) to give to Keith. Jane apparently thought Keith might wear it, but he didn't. Soon the lights went down, and believe it or not, without all the fireballs,etc that go with the stadium shows, it was even more exciting. Keith walks out into the darkness & those familiar chords shatter the night...and right from the beginning this show I could tell was going to be something special! There was so much energy from the band & that, combined with the crowds enthusiasm, just lit up the night. Even the old standards sounded fresh tonight. Lisa was killer on Gimme Shelter & then they ripped into Respectable & the place went mad. Graham & I were shouting "don't take my wife, don't come back!". Next Graham was hoping for Sister Morphine (which I though it was, when they handed Mick an acoustic), but we got the debut of Already Over Me!! And it was spectacular, it came off so effortlessly for being the first time they played it live & although it's a ballad, it was well received by the crowd. Bitch, Out Of Control (always one of the best songs of the night), Miss You...the crowd was on it's feet singing wildly, even the people in peanut heaven weren't sittin'. Band intros, and then the moment that means the most to me-Keith's set!!! Tony had come back up earlier with tonights setlist & at the last minute Graham & I decided not to look at it, so we'd be surprised. I was hoping for Thief, since Graham said they rehearsed it, but Tony asked me "do you like reggae?" and I knew that You Don't Have To Mean It would be tonight's choice. Keith began with a heartfelt performance of All About You, I have trouble remembering all the details because I am so transfixed at this moment...then Keith gets ready to launch into Wanna Hold You by mistake & someone cuts his power, he walks to the back of the stage, returns to the mic laughing & says "the boys informed me we're doing You Don't Have To Mean It". I got a laugh out of that-so Keith! The reggae beat had the place bopping, but there is still your section of non-supporters who sit down or get a beer or take a leak during this time-they should be ashamed! I love to watch Keith walk through the crowd to the center stage because he is so enthusiatically trying to connect with his fans (one reason I love him so much), he is always the last one to make it to the center stage, always with a arm full of goodies. We get treated to searing renditions of Little Queenie, Let It Bleed & LARS, and the crowd sings along to all of them. The show finishes with the old standards, but tonight they sound amazingly new & fresh! I knew from about the third song in that tonights show was without a doubt the BEST Stones show I had EVER seen. It was beyond words really. It was the first time this tour that I remember the house lights being turned on twice during the show so that the band could see how into it the crowd was! Graham & I just stood there in amazement as the last notes of Brown Sugar filled the air and the band took it's final curtain call. AMAZING, literally. We headed to Mustang Harry's afterwards & I got to meet Andrea from Italy & I am sure there were tons of other Stones freaks from the Net there as well, but since I didn't recognize anyone, I didn't meet anyone else. We had a few beers & mulled over the evening, all agreeing that it was the best show we'd ever seen. Even folks who'd seen over 30 shows & seen tours from the 60's onwards were raving about tonight's performance. I wonder if they can outdo themselves in Houston...stay tuned & find out...

MSG Setlist 1-17-98

Satisfaction Let's Spend The Night Together Flip The Switch Gimme Shelter When The Whip Comes Down Might As Well Get Juiced All Down The Line Saint Of Me Out Of Control Miss You -- Introductions -- Thief In The Night (Keith) You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith) Little Queenie (center stage) I Just Wanna Make Love To You (center stage) Like a Rolling Stone (center stage) Sympathy For The Devil Tumbling Dice Honky Tonk Women Start Me Up Jumping Jack Flash You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore) Brown Sugar (encore