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Welcome to the purpleist page on the web, devoted to all things purple

Purple is a colour that is beyond the level of all other colours which is why this page is devoted entirely to it

Other colours such as gold and silver come close but purple is on a completely different plane

Purple Observations

Purple things that are most groovey include

  • Purple fake fur - until you've seen vast quantities of this amazing material your life is lacking that spiritual enhancement gained by close proximaty to it
  • Vimto - the coolest soft drink in the world (although some Americans have told me that Grape Kool Aid is pretty cool too)
  • Snakebite and black - the alcoholic drink that causes more brain damage than any other
  • My purple room - a warning about purple room syndrome
  • The poem Warning
  • The song The One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater
  • Other songs about purple

Things that should be purple but strangely aren't
  • Bubblewrap - all bubblewrap should be purple (my 40ft roll is !)
  • Lava lamps - all lava lamps should be purple (mine was until I had to give it back - boo hoo!)
  • Me - although if I stand in the correct lighting and you squint a bit ...
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"Purple is not a colour, its a way of life"