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The Martial Arts

  • Wanna play a game?
  • My Ryouga no Koibito! He's mine! Get your own! ^_~

    ~Directional Sense-It's a short

    *Updated*~light~ P-chan's Big Adventure A patented Akane dish leads to...

    ~comedy~ Urusai Ranma! A Urusei Yatsura/Ranma 1/2 crossover

    ~angst~ Nyannichuan The story of the Spring of Drowned Girl

    ~minor violence~ Tail A Ranma 1/2/DBZ xover.

    We're a sketch!

    ~scary~ ~shounen ai~ Kokokoro (txt) Ranma's being haunted by a strange girl.

    Kokokoro Part 1
    Kokokoro Part 2
    Kokokoro Part 3

    ~deathfic~~angst~ Ghost (txt) Ryouga wonders what's wrong with everybody.

    ~The Shortest Distance(txt) A short little spur-of-the-moment fic of Ranma and Ryouga musing on each other after junior high but before Ryouga's series debut.


    ~New Year's P-chan P-chan brings in the new year

    ~A pic I drew of SD Ranma and Lum for "Urusai Ranma"

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