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Bat1 Bat2 Many things people think they know about bats aren't eventrue. BATS are not blind, they're not rodents, and they don'tget tangled in your hair. Actually, bats are among the mostgentle, beneficial, and necessary animals on Earth. But due to centuries of myths and superstition, they are also among the world's least appreciated and most endangered animals.

BATS are unmistakable. BATS are the only mammals that havetrue wings and are able to fly. Bat wings are modified frontlegs, similar to bird's wings. The difference, though, is thatbat's wings are covered with skin and supported by four fingers,while bird's wings are covered with feathers and are supportedby a triple digit frame.

Next to rodents, BATS have the greatest number of species intheir group as mammals. Of the nearly 900 species of livingBATS, they comprise 30% of all living mammal species known.They are tremendously varied in size, shape, and habits. Theyrange from the size of bumblebee bats, which are the smallestknown mammals weighing only a few grams, to Flying Foxes which may weigh as much as two pounds with a wing spread ofalmost five feet. The marjority of BATS are insectiverous, but some are carniverous which feed on rodents, other bats, reptiles,birds, amphibians, and fish. Many consume fruit, and some arespecialized to extract nectar from flowers. However, there arethree species which feed only on vertebrate blood.

Oh, the little guy, on the left flying is an "evening Bat", hispartner on the right is a "Yuma Myotis, and the one way up topis a "Long Nosed Bat".

Curious About
Bathouses BATS At Mr. St. Helens Shetland Island BATS



Odds 'n Ends
Have you ever wondered what Bats do all day long? Have you ever wondered what they REALLY do all night, besides eat, when they go out? Well, the possibilities are endless. You no longer have to wonder or use your imagination because now at last, Bob and Bella tell it all Bobbella

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