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Yes, there are Vampire Bats! BUT there are NO VAMPIRES!



Vampire bats are really very misunderstood
mammals. Yes, they do drink and live on
blood. Yes, they do seem to 'attack' and
suck the blood of the victims. But, they
are not the ravenous,viscious killers that
are portrayed in so many stories. On the
contrary, they are actually just as gentle
and reclusive as any other bat. When a
vampire bat finds a prey, it injects it with
chemicals which relieve the host of any
pain inflicted by the bite, similar to the
same process that mosquitoes and many
other biting insects use. The vampire
bat does not drain the victim of all it's
blood, it only takes what small portion
that it may require. Then, the bat flies
away without any additional damage or
injury to the host.


I haven't yet determined which bat this is, but it appeared in an advertisement by © Levi Strauss & Co.