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(formerly PJ's Page)

September 18, 2001
Hi Frynds,

This site is more or less down for a while... the location where most of my pages were stored, Spree, has closed with very little notice. I've managed to get most of the pictures etc. saved, but it will take some time to re-build elsewhere. It'll be a bit unorganized until then, and some links won't work for a while. Many of the pages will still work in the meantime, but it will be a while before I have time to link them all in on this page, and when I get done with the rebuilding, it will all have a new look. Thanx for your patience (this could take MONTHS, you know what a slacker I am!) and thanx for stopping by!    

:))))))) FRYNDS,    Patti aka Blenderbabe



check out the site map, you can access everything from there until at least Sept. 20th! sitemap


My Van-Zant Page
Johnnie & Donnie Van-Zant


My Articles and Clippings Page
Lynyrd Skynyrd from the beginning


My Tribute to Joey
Our Beloved "Blackfoot"


This is an important message to old and new Skynyrd fans alike, from Skynyrdfrynd "Wailer":

Now that the Freebird Foundation chat room, "SkynyrChat" has been closed, I thought this would be a good tyme to tell everyone about the website and chatroom.

HISTORY: was established almost 5 months ago by Wailer with the help of Pan51 who owns the server it is hosted on. It was created as an alternate chatroom to go to when there were problems connecting to the Freebird Foundation's Skynyrd Chatroom. At the same time a website was created as a place for "Frynds" to have a central location to share related information. This site and chatroom have been used since that tyme.

CURRENT: is now being used by a lot of "Frynds" since the Freebird Foundation's Skynyrd Chatroom was closed on Tuesday, Sept 5th. The chatroom is accessible thru the website and thru IRC. "Frynds" are beginning to contribute to the site, as well.

FUTURE: is and hopes to become a place for "Frynds" to come together and develop fryndships. Perhaps building long term fryndships, which has been evidenced from the past. The common bond being our love for Lynyrd Skynyrd Music and the utmost respect for Singer/Songwriter, Ronnie VanZant.

We would lyke everyone to look at this as a NEW BEGINNING for ALL of the "Frynds" that have come from the Freebird Foundation's Skynyrd Chatroom. Our hope is that this site will encourage other folks to join us and become "Frynds" who are Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ronnie Van-Zant fans.

It is our goal to link this website to search engines so that not only existing frynds will use this website but also to draw new fans so that we will continue to grow.

The website is in it's infant stages and will continue to be improved upon. We welcome your suggestions of what would make it a better and more useful site. There are many features available on the site now. A new Mailing Lyst has been created called "SkynyrdChatFrynds" at to go along with our website. Some changes are in the process now, so please be patient.

This is an independent website that has no direct ties to the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band or the Freebird Foundation, Inc. We will continue to plan "Frynds" get-togethers in April and October. A lot of us already know how much fun we have at these get-togethers!

So, when you get a few minutes, check out the Website and stop by the Chatroom to say hello.

~ Keepin The Music Alive ~

There are several other Lynyrd Skynyrd and related mailing lists, dig around, you'll find them! Many are on Onelist.


I hope you have enjoyed visiting my site,don't forget to syne my guestbook, and.... ummmmm...hmmmmmmmmmm... OH YEA!!!! Keep checking back, many new things in the works!

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a very special THANK-YOU to Aleid van Winsum (Al the Pal) for all your help with this page. What a cool frynd you are, and I really miss you!


I am saddened to announce that the Southern Rock Webring has also been shut down. This was, in my opinion, the best webring available for Southern Rock fans. I totally respect and support the decision the founders have made, and their reasons for doing so. For this same reason, I have removed my links for all the webrings I was a member of.
Thanks so much, Jason, Pat & Brent, for all your time, and all you did to make this a great webring!

The Obituary

The Southern Rock Webring was once a great place that linked many Southern Rock bands. Yahoo purchased and managed to turn a fine system into a wretched pile of junk. Brent Singers, Jason Toone and Pat Webster chose not to follow the socialistic/commercialistic form of Yahoo and laid the Southern Rock Webring to rest with almost 200 sites to its name.

RIP Southern Rock Webring
December 1996
September 2000


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