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   I've thought long and hard about how to do justice in paying a tribute to Donnie & Johnny Van-Zant. They come from the most talented family in Southern Rock, and are the brothers of the late, GREAT Ronnie Van-Zant, my favorite singer. They come from my two favorite bands, .38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They come from Jacksonville, Florida ("Shantytown", as Ronnie would say), my favorite city. They come from wonderful parents, Sister and Lacy, whom I have met many times. They are both true southern gentlemen, never too busy to take the time to talk to their fans, pose for a photo or sign an autograph. If any of you have ever met them... I know you walked away with a smile!
   Please keep checking back to this site, I will be adding photos, stories and reviews. I welcome any contributions, and will of course credit you for anything you send me for this page.
I have added other reviews and pix from Orlando, and review from other shows as well. More to be added as I receive them! Keep 'em coming, and thanx!

   In 1997, Donnie and Johnny got together for their first CD as a team, using the name of "Van Zant", and the CD was titled "Brother to Brother". It SMOKES! Tracks like RAGE and BROTHER TO BROTHER got SOME airplay, but it was largely ignored. It was too new for "classic rock" stations, and "not suitable" for many of the newer music stations. This CD is very under-rated, and if you don't already own it, RUN, don't walk to your local music store and get it! I intended to put more info about this CD on this page... however, when researching it, I realized that I couldn't do a better job than the folks at BUGjuice/ did. So, instead of me repeating everything they've done... please click on the photo bar I swiped from them (isn't it COOL?) to go to their page. It has sound clips from Brother to Brother, a biography, a track list and more!

So now... it's the year 2001.... AND.....

In the immortal words of Thin Lizzy .......

   Donnie & Johnny have teamed up again with some awesome results!
mamav The brothers Van-Zant have outdone themselves on their new CD, Van Zant II. To put it simply... it ROCKS!!
Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special and southern rock fans alike will LOVE this latest offering. They have really put their hearts and souls into this project, and have dedicated it to their mother, the late Marion "Sister" Van-Zant, pictured on the right. You can hear sound clips, purchase, or get more info. about the CD by clicking HERE.

   Their tour schedule was as follows:

03/06 House of Blues Orlando, FL
03/08 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
03/09 Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, NC
03/10 House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
03/11 Ritz Theater Raleigh, NC
03/13 BB Kings New York, NY
03/14 Norva Theater Norfolk, VA
03/15 Metropol Pittsburgh, PA
03/16 House Of Blues Chicago, IL

I have posted my review and photos from the Orlando show....
you can find them HERE
I will gladly post yours, just email them to me!


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Michael B. Smith of has done an AWESOME interview with the boys... very good reading!
You can get to it by CLICKING HERE

Pollstar also has a nice story about them... you can access it by CLICKING HERE.

There is a new interview with Johnny and Donnie Van Zant on the new worldwide information website: CLICK HERE, log on, and just click on "music," or put the author's name, Rex Rutkoski, in the search box, then click on his biography.

CLICK HERE to read the review of the CD from the FLORIDA Today newspaper .

CLICK HERE to read the story at

There have been a few live online chats with Donnie & Johnny, I'll get transcripts posted if I can find them. If you have any, and they're not posted here... please email them to me!
I have two of the chat transcripts, you can access them by CLICKING HERE.

Here is the announcement for the USA Today chat:


   Two genuine Southern rock titans -- brothers Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special and Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd -- are slated to participate in a live chat on USA on Friday, March 2 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.
Fans can access the chat through either of the following URLs:

   Donnie and Johnny will be talking about their new CD, "Van Zant II," which is being released by CMC International Records on Tuesday, March 6. The hot first single, "Get What You Got Comin'," features the guitar talents of Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The first Van Zant CD, "Brother To Brother," was released in 1998. Van Zant is also embarking on a nine-date concert tour, the brothers' first one together, to support the "Van Zant II" CD.

Here's some great photos, donated by Liz... click on the thumbnail to view larger image!


COMING SOON!!! Johnny & Donnie picture pages! Send me YOURS!!!

   There is an official Van-Zant website, located here: VAN ZANT. Tom Soares has done a great job with this site, take a look!
The only other source I've found is the CMC (Sanctuary Records) site. If you have a Van-Zant page, or know of one, I'd be happy to link it here.

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