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Unfortunatly, all of these articles were stored at Spree, so they're not accessable... but I DO have them saved, and will get them relocated and linked back in ASAP!

   Here you will see a variety of newspaper clippings, ads, interviews, photos and articles about the band, both before and after the tragic plane crash. I have well over 100 of these articles, and, as time allows, will get them all posted here for you to read.

   Please note that these are all reprinted without permission, and are not necessarily the opinion of the webmaster. Most will be transcribed instead of scanned, to save load time & huge file size space. I have re-typed them word for word as the original article appeared, including alleged untrue statements, mis-spelled words and typo's. As you read through them, you will find several cases where the reporter was mis-informed, or just didn't have their facts straight. You'll also find some that are emotionally hard to read.

I welcome any contributions for this section, any articles, interviews, etc. you may have to add to this page, to share with others who are interested in reading them. Please email them to me, or email me for my snail-mail address, and send me photocopies to transcribe. Help me make this a real library for everyone to enjoy!

early Lynyrd Skynyrd show ad from The New York Times, 10-28-73
(newspaper ad, takes a minute to load)

Richmond Times - Dispatch 2-8-75 (newspaper article)

RVZ Interview July 1976 (interview; source unknown)

submitted by Zack

Hit Parader August 1976 (record review; GBMB)

Atlanta Journal July 8, 1976 (newspaper article)

Source unknown 4-28-77??? (newspaper article)

The Richmond News Leader 4-28-77 (newspaper article)

Source unknown 4-28-77?? (newspaper article)

The Jacksonville Journal 10-21-77 (newspaper article with photos)

The Jacksonville Journal 10-21-77 (different newspaper article)

The Clarion Ledger, Jackson Daily News 10-23-77 (newspaper article)

PEOPLE Magazine 11-7-77 (magazine article)

The Billboard Interview 1998 (magazine article with pix)

Variety Magazine FALL '98 (magazine article)

Florida Times-Union June 29, 2000  (newspaper article link)

(this image from Freebird... the Movie)
courtesy of the Freebird Foundation

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