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                         ALTERNATIVE    S I T E M A P

Hapgood's Stick
Candlestick Maker
Mysterious Intruder
For Remembrance
Rest in Peace
Singing Molly
The Painting
Lest We Forget
Carol Singers
Benedictine Bells
Medals For A Snowman
Rocking Horse
Morgana's Thimble
Treasure of Kingswater Pool

The Giant's Grave
Ghosts at Berry Pomeroy
Legend of St.Keyne
Fountains Abbey
Secrets of The Horse Whisperers
The Faerie Lady of Llyny Fan Fach
Long Meg and Her Daughters
Lost Lands of Cardigan Bay
The Roaring Bull of Bagbury
Lady Godiva

Folklore Introduction
Haunting Tales-Introduction
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