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Dunstan Family Tree
UK to New Zealand and Australia

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Information provided by Margaret Dunstan & Janelle McNamara


The name Dunstan sprang from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It comes from when the family lived near a stony hill. Dunstan is derived from two Old English elements: dun and stan. Dun was a word for hill, and stan meant stony. The translation of the name is therefore "stony hill." It is also possible that the name is patronymic; that is, derived from the name of a parent. Dunstan was a popular given name in England in the Middle Ages.

Spelling variations include: Dunstan, Dunston, Dunstone, Dunstane, Donston, Dunstavill and many more.

They were first found in Cornwall, where some say they were seated well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. Source

Key to Identified Generations

Henry Dunstan (1816)

(1841 -46) Thomas Henry, William Charles, Elizabeth

(1864 - 83) Jane Harris "June"; William Henry "Will", Thomas Henry, Mary Elizabeth, Alfred Charles, Albert Edward "Bert"; Eliza Rosina & Joseph James DUNSTAN

(1888 - 1925) William Francis Leigh (Frank), Alfred Henry Blight (Harry), Eliza Rose Amelia, Aubrey Wilfred & Myrtle Lilian RICHES; Alvie, Eileen, William Vincent "Bill" & Henry James DUNSTAN; John "Jack" DUNSTAN; Alma & Harold WARMAN; Lillian Mary & Ruth Isabella DUNSTAN; Eliza Ellen (Nelly), Thomas Henry, Winifred Mary & Thelma Laurel DUNSTAN; Henry Stewart, John Keith, Wilfred Maurice & George James DUNSTAN

(1914 - 43) JohnThomas, Lawrence Francis, Albert Norman "Bert" & Arthur Wilfred RICHES; Gwendoline Amelia RICHES; Ronald Henry & Keith William DAVIES; Dulcie & Frank RICHES; Margaret Alvie, Geoffrey Newton Hamilton & Murray Gregory Hamilton YULE; Marjorie June & Donald Henry DUNSTAN; Mervyn, Donald Thomas, Trevor & Wilma DUNSTAN; Robert Charles & David Gerald PLOWMAN; Albert Francis, Keith Thomas; Desmond James,Milton John "John", Kenneth Laurence, Margaret Winifred, Lynette Ellen, Coleman Joseph "Joe" & Elaine Barbara "Judy" MCNAMARA; Valerie Jean, Brian, Lindsay Gordon, Minnie, Albert George & Max DUNSTAN; Elwin McNama

Relationship to McNamaras

Henry Dunstan was born in the UK in 1816. He died before 1847 and was buried in England.

Cornwall, England

A stonemason by trade, Henry married Mary Spargo in St.Gluvias, Cornwall in 1840. Mary was born in 1818 to Mr Spargo and Mary Ann Spargo. Mary died in Louisa Street, Coburg, Victoria Australia July 30,1906.She was buried on the 1st August, 1906 in Coburg Cemetery, Victoria.

Henry and Mary had 3 children:

Thomas Henry Dunstan Snr was born in St.Gluvias, Cornwall England on the 31st October, 1841. Thomas died on the 9th July, 1913 in Dr. Brown's Private Hospital,Gellibrand Street, Colac, Victoria, Australia and was buried in Colac Cemetery on the 13th July, 1913, aged 72. His death was attributed to a pulmonary embollism.

Thomas married Eliza Blight in England. Eliza was born in Illogan, Cornwall, England on the 30th September, 1842 to William Blight and Jane Harris. Eliza died on the 9th February, 1898 in Dr.Brown's Private Hospital in Gellibrand Street,Colac, Victoria and was buried the next day in Colac Cemetery (Methodist Allotment 10, Section 3, Comp M). Eliza was 55 years old (VICBDM1631).

England to New Zealand and Australia

Thomas Henry Dunstan and wife Eliza arrived in Australia from England around 1865. They lived in New Zealand for 2 years where their first child Jane was born. Thomas, Eliza and Jane then sailed to Victoria, Australia where they lived out their lives.
Thomas married his second wife Caroline Walter Ching aka Carrie on the 9th January, 1900. Carrie was the daughter of John Cottle Ching and Charlotte Walter. Carrie was born on the 30th September, 1853 in Chilwell, Geelong and died at 8 Skene Street, Colac on the 31st May, 1933. Carrie is buried in the Colac Cemetery

Thomas Dunstan and his first wife Eliza Blight had 5 sons and 2 daughters. Their eldest child was born in New Zealand and the rest were born in Victoria, Australia.

Jane Harris Dunstan , otherwise known as "June", was their eldest child born in April 1864 in New Zealand. Jane died, aged 86, on the 18th August, 1950 and rests in the Colac Cemetery (VICBDM20484).

Jane married Thomas Riches at Cape Otway in Victoria in 1887 (VICBDM5236). Thomas Riches was born in Cape Otway, Victoria in 1854 to Thomas Riches and Sarah Leigh. He died on the 11th October, 1936 in Terang, Victoria and was buried in Colac Cemetery.

Jane Dunstan and Thomas Riches had five children:

William Francis Leigh Riches "Frank", was born in Colac in 1888, and died, aged 81, on the 30th January, 1970 in Moorabbin Victoria (VICBDM3396). William Francis is buried in the Colac Cemetery.

William "Frank" married Lily Port in 1912. Lily was born in Carpendeit, Victoria in 1887 to John George Port and Sarah Jane Cole. Lily died on the 18th December, 1971 in Moorabbin and is buried in the Colac Cemetery.

~ The headstone of William Francis Dunstan & Lily Port ~

William "Frank" and Lily had four children;

John Thomas Riches was born in Colac in 1914. He died in 1983, aged 69, in Camperdown and is buried there. John married Mary Foster in 1933 in Victoria.

Lawrence Francis Riches was born in 1916 in Colac, Victoria.

Albert Norman Riches "Bert" was born in 1917 in Colac, Victoria (VICBDM11043)and died in Gympie, Queensland in 1996.

Albert "Bert" married Muriel May Missen in 1940 in Victoria. Muriel was born in Colac in 1919 to Feliz James Missen and Ida May Mills.

Bert and Muriel moved from Victoria to a dairy farm in Queensland in the 1960's after having the following six children in Victoria;
Max, Doreen (dec), Roger, Graeme (aka Snow), Rhonda and Lorraine (dec)

Arthur Wilfred Riches was born in Colac in 1919.

Alfred Henry Blight Riches, "Harry" was born in Colac in 1892. He died in 1952 in West Footscray aged 61.

Alfred "Harry" married Violet Ethel May Armstrong "Daisy" in 1918 and had a daughter;

Gwendoline Amelia Riches was born in 1919.

Eliza Rose Amelia Riches was bron in 1895.

Aubrey Wilfred Riches was born in 1896 and died on the 18th February, 1963.

Myrtle Lilian Riches was born in Colac in 1903. She married Frank Lindsay Casey in Victoria in 1929.

William Henry Dunstan was Thomas Henry and Eliza Blight's second child. Born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1865, pneumonia and exhaustion caused his death at Dr. Brown's Private Hospital in Colac, Victoria in 1909. He was aged 43.

William, a farmer, married Maria Bottrell on the 2nd December, 1896 in Irrewillipe, Colac. Maria was born on the 29th July, 1869 in Barwon Heads, Connawarre, Victoria to William Henry Vingoe Bottrell and Maria McCarthy. She died, aged 88, on the 12th August, 1957 at 49 Kitchener Street, Trafalgar, Victoria, and was buried 2 days later in the Colac Cemetery.

~ The headstone of William and Maria Dunstan, and their daughter Alvie ~

Will Dunstan and Maria Bottrell had four children;

Alvie Dunstan was born on the 15th October, 1897 in Colic. Alvie, aged 68, died of cancer on the 20th June, 1967 in Caulfield, Victoria. Alvie never married.

Eileen Dunstan was born on the 17th February, 1900 and died on the 23rd January, 1990.

William Vincent "Bill" was Henry's twin, born on the 16h December, 1902 in Colac. He died on the 26th June,1974 in Sandringham and was buried two days later in the New Cheltenham Cemetery, Cheltenham, Victoria.

William married Phyllis Jean Baker"Jean". She was born on the 17th September, 1939 in Nalangil, Colac to Frederick Eugene Baker and Eliza Jane McConachy. Phyllis died on the 27th May, 1996 at 1 Fromer Street, Moorabbin, Victoria and was buriedon the 3rd June, 1996 in the New Cheltenham Cemetery, Cheltenham.

Henry James Dunstan was William's twin, born on the 16th December, 1902. He died on the 15th December, 1992.

Thomas Henry Dunstan,Thomas and Eliza's third child, was born in Ballarat in 1867 and died in Colac in 1940 aged 72.

Thomas married Catherine Maloney in Victoria in 1899. Catherine was born on the 19th April, 1876 to Patrick Moloney and Mary Maher. She died on the 26th March, 1940 in Colac and was buried in the Colac Cemetery aged 70.

Thomas Dunstan and Catherine Moloney had a son;

John Dunstan was born on 28th January, 1901 and died on the 24th November, 1984.

Mary Elizabeth Dunstan was born in Clunes in 1870 and died after 1899.

Mary married Frank William Warman "Harry" in 1896 in Victoria. Frank was born in London, England around 1868.

Mary and Frank had two children:

Alma Warman was born in Richmond in 1897.

Harold Warman was born in Richmond in 1899.

Alfred Charles Dunstan , their third son, was born on the 27th July, 1875 in Clunes, Victoria. He died in 1952 and was buried in Victoria.

Alfred married Mary Ann Forge in Victoria in 1906. Mary Ann "Polly" was born in 1884 in Barwon Heads, Victoria to Robert Forge and Elizabeth Lewis. She died, aged 84, in Caulfield in 1969 and was buried in Victoria.

Alfred and Mary had three children:

Lillian Mary Dunstan was born on the 22nd November, 1909.

Unnamed Dunstan was born in Tallangatta in 1916 and died the same year.

Ruth Isabella Dunstanwas born in Corryong in 1920 and died the same year.

Albert Edward Dunstan, Tom and Eliza's fourth son, was born in Clunes on the 6th January, 1878, and died in the Colac Hospital on the 15th December, 1976.

Albert married Winifred Margaret Morrish on the 18th April, 1906. Winnie was born in Kingston, Victoria on the 2nd August,1879 and died in Colac, Victoria on the 6th May, 1958.

Albert Dunstan rests with his wife Winifred and daughter Ellen (Nellie) in the Methodist area of the Colac Cemetery, Comp 1,Plot 2.

~ The graves of Albert Edward Dunstan, Winifred Dunstan (nee Morrish), and Eliza Ellen "Nellie" McNamara (nee Dunstan)

During the 1940's, Bert and Winnie lived at 42 Pollack Street,Colac.

~ The Dunstan house in Pollack Street (as it is now) ~

They had 4 children (Eliza "Nelly", Tom, Winnie and Thelma);

~ Thelma, Nellie, Winnie, and their father, Albert Edward Dunstan 1960's ~

Eliza Ellen Dunstan (Nelly), was Bert and Winnie's eldest child. Born in Cororooke, Victoria in 1906, she died in Fitzoy on the 2nd November, 1970.

Nelly married Daniel Francis McNamara on the 26th October, 1929 in Colac, Victoria. Daniel was born on the 5th July, 1909 in Nalangil, and died on the 10th Ocotber,1993 in Frankston, Victoria. Nelly and Dan had 9 McNamara children;

Alby, Keith, Des, John, Margaret, Lynette, Joe and Judy.

Thomas Henry Dunstan Jnr was Bert and Winnie's second child. Born in Colac in 1907, Tom died on the 12th July, 1946 in Colac aged 38.

~ Albert Dunstan & Winnie Morrish with baby Tom in 1907 ~

Tom married Millie Jean Christina Watson and had six children, with only one surviving childhood.

Max Dunstan , Tom and Millie's eldest child was born in 193?.
Valerie Dunstan , their second child, was born in Colac in 1932 and died on the 11th July, 1936 aged 4.
Lindsay Gordon Dunstan ,their third child, was born in Colac in 1937 and died in Colac on the 24th September, 1939 aged 2.
Minnie Dunstan was born in 1939
Albert George Dunstan their fifth child, was born in Colac in 1940 and died there on the 15th February, 1941 aged one.
Brian Dunstan, Tom and Millie's youngest child, was born in Colac in 1941 and died there as an infant on the 30th March, 1941.

Winifred Mary Dunstan was Bert and Winnie's third child. Born in Colac on the 21st June, 1910, Winifred married Victor Alfred Gore in 1930.

In 1953 Winifred married her second husband, William Bell.

Winifred and Victor Gore's son Ian was born in 1930.

Ian Gore and his wife Veronica had the following eight children;

   Raymond Gore
   Marlene Gore
   Christopher Gore
   Geraldine Gore
   Adrian Gore
   Brendan Gore
   Michael Gore
   David Gore

Thelma Laurel Dunstan was Bert and Winnie's fourth child. Thelma was born in Colac on the 14th March, 1913 and died there on the 17th October, 1973 aged 60.

Thelma married Lloyd McNama in 1949, and the following year saw the birth of their daughter;
   Alwyn McNama

Alma married Geoffrey Billings in Colac in 1971. They have a son;
   Scott Billings

Eliza Rosina Dunstan, was born in Irewillipe, Colac on the 1st March, 1880 and died there on the 4th March,1894 aged 14. The cause of her death was recorded as "Inquest Held" and Eliza was buried in Colac Cemetery (Methodist allot 10, section 3, comp M).

~ Headstone of Thomas Henry Dunstan & Eliza Blight and their daughter Eliza Rosina Dunstan ~

Joseph James Dunstan was Tom and Eliza's youngest child. Born in Colac in 1883, he died there on the 7th January 1970, aged 86.

Joseph Dunstan married Lucy Stewart in Colac in 1912. Lucy was born Woodford in 1887 to John George Stewart and Isabella Campbell.

Joseph and Lucy had six children;

Henry Stewart Dunstan was born in Geelong in 1912.
Jonathan Keith Dunstan was born in Bdale in 1916.
Wilfred Maurice Dunstan was born in Warrnambool in 1919 and died there in 1920.
Albert Walter Dunstan was born in 1921 and died in Castle Hill in 1923, aged 2.
Elsa May Dunstanwas born in Warrnambool in 1924.
George James Dunstan was born in 1925, and died in Warrnambool in 1927 aged 2.


Related Names: Blight, Morrish, Watson, Gore, Bell, McNama, Billings, Stewart, Campbell

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