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Morrish Family Tree

Cornwall, England to Victoria, Australia

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...Robert Morrish
...Robert Morrish Jnr
...Nicholas Morrish
...Nicholas Morrish
...Nicholas Morrish
...John Morrish
...John Henry Morrish Jnr


Robert Morrish and Jane Morrish had a son:

Robert Morrish Jnr was born in St.Erme, Crantock, Cornwall, England in 1672. He was baptised in St.Erme on 22nd September 1672.

On 3rd September 1699 Robert Morrish Jnr married Katherine Treterrie in Crantock, Cornwall, England. They had a son:


Nicholas Morrish (1st) was born in Crantock in 1706, baptised on 26th July 1706 and died in Crantock on the 2nd May 1763.

Nicholas Morrish (1st) married Mary (surname unknown) (1705 - 7/10/1785)in Crantock, Cornwall. They had a son:

Nicholas Morrish(2nd) was born in Crantock in 1741 and was baptised there on 17th October, 1741. Nicholas died in Crantock, Cornwall on 19th January, 1795.

Nicholas Morrish (2nd)married Mary Hockins in St. Clements, Truro, Cornwall on the 5th November, 1767. Mary Hockins was born in 1745? in England and died on the 7th October 1785 in Crantock, Cornwall. They had a son:


Nicholas Morrish(3rd) was born in Colan, Cornwall, England in 1775 and was baptised on 22nd July 1775. Nicholas died in St Columb Major, Cornwall on 4th April 1852 and was buried at St Enoder,Cornwall on 7th April 1852.

Nicholas Morrish (3rd) married Miriam Smith on the 24th April 1809 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Miriam Smith was born on the 11th December 1787 in Edinburgh, died on the 5th March 1850 and was buried in St. Enoder, Cornwall, England on the 8th March 1850.

Nicholas Morrish (3rd) and Miriam Smith (aka Mary Smith) had a son:


John Morrish was born on the 16th April 1820 in St Enoder, Cornwall, England and was baptised there on the same day. He died on the 15th May 1883 at Clarks Hill, Bungaree, Victoria, Australia and was buried in the Creswick Cemetery in Victoria on the 18th May 1883.

John Morrish married Elizabeth Stoneman on the 23rd September 1843 in Illogan, Cornwall, England. Elizabeth Stoneman was born on the 7th March 1825 in Illogan Down, Cornwall to parents John Stoneman (? - 1840) and Mary Haughton (1791 St.Agnes, Cornwall, England - 1868 Union Workhouse, Illogan, Cornwall, England)who married on the 22nd October 1810 in Illogan, Cornwall.

John Morrish and Elizabeth Stoneman and their two oldest children came to Australia on the ship the "Berkshire" which arrived in Point Henry, Geelong on 3rd October, 1848. They settled near Drysdale and farmed there until around 1860 when they moved to Kingston, near Creswick and continued to farm there. John Morrish died in Bungaree in 1883 and his wife Elizabeth died in Kingston in 1899. Both are buried in the Creswick Cemetery in Victoria.

John Morrish and Elizabeth Stoneman's children included:


Mary Ann Morrish was born on the 8th September 1844 in Illogan, Cornwall and died there on the 20th March 1845.


John Henry Morrish was born in Illogan, Cornwall on the 29th January 1846 and died on the 4th November 1942 in Colac, Victoria, Australia aged 96.

John Henry Morrish married Ellen Brennan in Victoria, Australia in 1877, possibly in Ballarat. Ellen Brennan was born in Belfat (Port Fairy) Victoria in 1860 and died in Colac, Victoria on the 18th September 1909 in Swan Marsh.

John and Ellen Morrish (nee Brennan) had eleven children;


John Henry Morrish Jnr was born in Kingston, Victoria on the 2nd December 1877. John died in Colac on the 24th May 1957.


Winifred Margaret Morrish (aka Winnie) was born in Kingston, Victoria on the 2nd August 1879, and died in Colac, Victoria on the 6th May 1958 aged 78.

Winnie married Albert Edward Dunstan (aka Bert Dunstan) on the 18th April, 1906. Bert Dunstan was born in January 1878 in Clunes, Victoria and died in Colac Hospital on 15th December 1976 aged almost 99 years.

Bert and Winnie had four children:

Eliza Ellen "Nellie" Dunstan was born in Cororooke in 1906 and died on the 2nd November 1970 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Nellie married Daniel Francis McNamara on the 26th October 1929 in Colac. Nellie and Dan had nine children:

Albert Francis McNamara
Keith Thomas McNamara
Desmond James McNamara
Milton John McNamara
Kenneth Laurence McNamara
Margaret Winifred McNamara
Lynette Ellen McNamara
Coleman Joseph McNamara
Elaine Barbara (Judy)McNamara


Thomas Henry Dunstan was born in Colac in 1907 and died in the 12th July 1946 (1938?) in Colac.

Albert Dunstan & Winnie Morrish with baby Tom in 1907

Tom married Millie Jean Christina Watson and had five children:

Max Dunstan
Valerie Jean Dunstan
Lindsay Gordon Dunstan
Albert George Dunstan
Brian Dunstan


Winifred Mary Dunstan was born on the 21st June 1910. Winnie married Alfred Gore in 1930 and had eight children. Winnie married her second husband William Bell in 1953.

Winnie and Alfred Gore's child:

Ian Gore


Thelma Laurel Dunstan was born in Colac on the 14th March 1913 and died on the 17th October 1973 in Colac. Thelma married Lloyd McNama around 1949 and had one child.

Alwyn McNama


Emily Beatrice Morrish was born in Kingston on the 24th July 1882 and died on the 19th July 1954. Emily married William Henry Bligh Wilson in 1907. William Wilson was born in 1882 and died in Colac in 1957 aged 75. Emily and William had nine children:

Andrew Oliver (Ollie) Wilson was born in Colac in 1908 and died in Hamilton, Victoria around 1984


Ellen Laura (Ellie)Wilson was born in Colac in 1909 and died around 1995. Ellie married Eric Hammond and had atleast one child:
Helen Hammond


James Wilson was born 20th August 1910 in Colac and died there on 24th August 1910.


Jean Bligh Wilson was born in 1913 and died aged 17years old on the 3rd December 1930 in Kew, Melbourne. Jean's death resulted in an inquest and the cause of her death was recorded as broncho- pneumonia.


Beatrice Morrish Wilson was born on 21st November 1914 in Colac and died on 14th February 1995.
Beatrice married Joseph Ernest Heppell and had three children:

Ernie Heppell
Dawn Heppell
Joan Beatrice Heppell


William John Wilson was born 31st October 1916 in Colac and died in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne on 31st October 1962. William married Gwen Goodmanand had two children:

Elizabeth Wilson
Lorraine Wilson


Mabel Evelyn Morrish was born in Kingston on 20th January 1884 and died on 15th June 1964 in PANC Hospitalin Preston Melbourne. Mabel married Irwin Wallace Morrison on 5th June 1907. Irwin Morrison died on 12th December 1963 in Colac. Mabel and Irwin had three children:

Albert Irwin (Bert) Morrison was born in Kerang, Victoria in 1908 and died in Melbourne in 1975. Married Veronica (Vera) Coulsen and had two children:

Beverley Ann Morrison
Kenneth John Morrison


James Gillis (Jack) Morrison was born in Colac on 11th August 1909 and died about 1983.


Claude Wallis Morrison was born in Kerang in 1911 and died after 1963. Claude married Phyllis Munro and had four children:

Lois Ann Morrison
Valerie Phyllis Morrison
Wallace Munro Morrison
Laura Evelyn Morrison was born in Kerang in 1913 and died about 1981. Laura married Edward James (Ted) Killingbeck and had two children:
Myrtle Evelyn Killingbeck
Charles Wallace Killingbeck


Camey Gertrude Morrish born Kingston 1885, married Arthur Nathan Gillingham in 1916.


Annie Edith Morrish born Kingston 1887 married Percy Spriggins in 1916.


Catherine Muriel Morrish Colac 1888


Linda Allena Morrish married Edmund George Phalp in 1919.


James Morrish


Laura Morrish


Morrish sisters                                                                         John Henry, Winnie, Mabel, Annie, Muriel, Laura, Camey & Beatrice Morrish

Colac Cemetery Headstones of
John Henry & Ellen Morrish; John Henry Morrish Jnr; Muriel Morrish
Winnie Dunstan (nee Morrish)
Emily Morrish


Thomas Morrish married Ellen Isaac


Elizabeth Morrish married Nicholas John Bullen


Mary Morrish married Nicholas Morrish Rickard in 1872. Mary and Nicholas had seven children:

James Ernest Rickard born in Kingston 1874

Philipa Elizabeth Rickard born in Kingston in 1875

Emily Christian Rickard born in Kingston 1877

Nicholas William Rickard was born in Kingston in 1881 and died there in 1882

Mary Morrish Rickard was born in Kingston 1883

Annie Amanda Rickard was born in Brig in 1886

Amy Beatrice Rickard was born in Kingston in 1888.


Elizabeth Morrish married Nicholas John Bullen


William Morrish married Rachel Louisa Gamble and had six children:
Annie May Morrish was born in Dean, Victoria and married William Torrington Pincombe


Catherine Morrish married Richard Rickard and had nine children.


Annie Morrish (1859 - 1891)married William Harris James and had seven children between 1881 and 1889:


Emily Morrish born 1861 married Walter Charles Clark in 1887.


James Morrish married Mary Elizabeth Grigg and had ten children:

Mary Elizabeth Morrish married William Bawden and had three children:
Lois Morrish
Edward Morrish
Norma Morrish

Philippa Smith Morrish was born on 9th September 1865 in Spring Hill, Victoria and died on 20th November, 1969 in Kingston,Victoria. Philippa married Joseph Jewell in 1897 and had three children:

Frank Jewell

Norman Jewell

Phyllis Jewell


William Morrish was born in Geelong, Victoria in 1854.

Catherine Morrish was born at Indented Head in Victoria in 1856.


Anne Morrish was born at Indented Head in 1859. Her mother's name was mispelled as Honeman.   

Anne married William Harris James in 1879 and died in 1891, aged 31 years, after giving birth to seven children between 1881 and 1889.


Emily Morrish was born in Kingston, Victoria in 1861.

James Morrish was born in Kingston, Victoria in 1863.

Phillipa Morrish was born in Victoria in 1865 and died in Kingston, Victoria in 1869.