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Disclaimer: Inspired by, but absolutely nothing to do with, the Hornblower books and series. No rights infringement is intended.
These stories are for your reading pleasure some of the stories may contain some implied or  graphic sexual content between our players whether between male/female or male/male.  We hope you enjoy your visit, check back with us from time to time as new stories will be added as written. 


Reminiscences by Rebecca Jamaican beauty Anne meets Horatio  10/99 M/F

 Valentine Reminiscences by Rebecca 2/00 Anne's story continues  M/F

 The Crucible by Mair    Encounter with the French 2/00 M/F   

 The Indy  by Blackbyrde  If the Indefatigable could speak3/00

The Cruelest Enemy by Blackbyrde Horatio castaway with the enemy 4/00  

First Encounter  by Mistress Jo  Horatio's first encounter. 3/00 M/F

Chance Encounter by Mistress Jo  Horatio and Ciara's story continues 05/00 

The Letter by Beth  Archie's secret  04/00

The Lady's Request  by C.  Horatio gets a lesson in lovemaking from Captain Pellew and the audacious Kitty Cobham. 05/00 

Come Lie With Me by The Ragged Rose. A ménage à trois between Lord Edrington, Horatio and a young tart Jenny.  12/00

The Duchess and the Dream by Rebecca.  What did happen when Horatio and the Duchess spent their time together at El Farrol? 12/00 

One of the Lads by The Ragged Rose.  A young woman goes to sea This story is rated PG 04/19/01NEW


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