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Pictures Of Star And Her Cute Puppies

Here's pics of Star's most recent puppies. These are my keepers, Starfire's Taste The Rainbow and Starfire's Lil' Sprite.

Cute Huh!

Well if you like this one keep scrolling down! There's lots more where that one came from!

Ahhh Isn't She a Sweet Mommy?

Star's puppy's noses started turning dark when they were only 2 days old.

Do you think this puppy is tired? Think again!

Puppies will Yawn when they are picked up. Some people theorize that this yawn is a way of trying to calm other animals down. Keeping that theory in mind I'd say this puppy want's to be put back in with it's littermates and Mommy!

Ahhhhh MUCH BETTER! I'll keep more pictures posted as the puppies get older.


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