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Showing More of those Peskies

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On the down and back, the judge watches the dog to make sure it moves correctly. For instance, an American Eskimo should single track, but should not cross over in front.

Down and Back

Here the judge is making funny noises to get my dog to put her ears up. The judges do this sometimes so they can get a good look at your dog and what they look like really alert.

Unusual Things

Here the judge put my dog and my friend's dog on the table at the same time so she could go over them simultaniously. She said later that our dogs moved exactly the same and the decision was a difficult one. She gave the best of variety ribbon to my friend's dog because she said mine still needed to fill out more. She pulled me aside to tell me that she really liked my girl and to give her some time that she was young. Sometimes a judge will go over your dog with you if you ask them to speak with you after the show. You need to specify this before going into the ring and probably ask someone who has been showing a while how to do this. Judges don't tend to have a lot of time to just go over everyone's dogs and answer a bunch of questions. There is certain etiquette in showing and I was lucky enough to have a mentor.

Bye Bye

Over all this wonderful breed has fun whether you show or you just want one as a pet. Mine really love going wherever I go!

If you are interested in showing here is a webring that you may find interesting.

The Show Dog Webring
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