You Enter the Cavern!

You travel down a long tunnel in a cliff in a cove somewhere in Oregon. You are starting to think that this passageway will never end when suddenly, you turn a corner and flash! a bright light. When your vision clears, you see that you are in a large cavern. And all around you are dragons, unicorns, griffins, and some other various creatures, though most of them are dragons. A somewhat small girl and an old looking man walks up to you. The girl says "Hello, I am DragonChild. And just WHAT are you doing here?"

Then the man says "DragonChild, don't be so rude to our visitor. It isn't often that we get visitors, you know." He turns to you and says "Greetings, I am DragonMaster Finth. This is my young helper, DragonChild..."

"DragonChild. Just DragonChild." The girl says firmly.

Master Finth gives DragonChild a slight glance then turns back to you. "This is The Cavern. We dont get many visitors around here. You are probaly wondering what this place is about though right? Well, I'll tell you if you want. If not, feel free to look around. In fact," he glances at DragonChild again, "DragonChild will be happy to show you around, won't you DragonChild?" His old, rich, voice more tells her than asks. When DragonChild starts to protests, he crosses his arms over his chest and clears his throat. DragonChild gives in and says "OK, wait just a minute." She is back in a few moments with a large candle. "Here, YOU can carry this."

DragonMaster Finth leaves you then. You look nevouly around the huge cavern, noticing the eyes that stare at you in the darkness.

All around you, you hear squeaking, squaking, howling, and even music. It gives the place an over all spooky effect. At the very back of the cavern is one huge tunnel.

~Go ahead...make my day...~ a strange voice says in your head. red dragon suddenly appears out of the shadows and claws that something in the back of the cavern that you can't see. It suddenly spits a ball of fire at what now looks like a baby dragon. It squeaks and flys behide you. The red dragon looks like it's about to spit another fireball at you and the small dragon when DragonChild, steps out in front of you and obviously says something telepathicly that you couldn't hear. It humbly blows it's head and turns to you, snorts, and walks away.

You try to say thank you, but your in to much shock to speak. That dragon just tryed to BBQ you! DragonChild turns to you and says "I did that only because Master Finth would have killed me if I didn't." The little creature that was clinging for dear life on your shirt slowly let go and then flew over to DragonChild.

It crooned lovingly then looked back at you ~thank you~ were did that come from you wondered. Oh ya, some dragons talk by telepathy. This can take some getting used to. "This is one of my little firelizards, if you wish, he will show you where some of my pets are, just pet his back. And if you don't mind, I have some chores to do. I'll open some different portals for you to go through. But before you do, you must sign our guestbook. If not, many bad things will happen to you."

Have entered the cavern since 6/25/98

"Before you leave," DragonChild tells you, "Why don't you tell us what you think of the Cavern. Email us at

Oh yeah, people, I'll be gone from July 5th to about August 25th. If you need to talk to me, do it now.

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