Through the Tunnel..

DragonChild sighs and says "Follow me." You both walk silently to the large tunnel. You walk for a little bit, then DragonChild stops. "I have a quick question for you... how did you find this place. It's not like this is the best know beach in the world or something." You explain to her about how you were just exploring around when you came upon a cave. Your curiousity haad gotten the best of you, so you started to explore. DragonChild seemed to warm up to this. "OK, maybe I misjudged you. I though that you were here to hunt the creatures that are living here. Master Finth is too trusting, and he never even thinks about that point. But I guess that you are OK." She conintues walking then, and you give out a sigh at being classified as 'OK'.

The tunnel splits off then, and DragonChild turn to you again. The Tunnels are currently under major contruction, but there are three paths that are safe. This tunnel" she indicates to the far left, "Is to all the creatures living under our care. The tunnel just right of it is to the Portal Room. And the final passage, straight ahead of us and to the right of the other two is to my own personal world. It is very interesting if you care to look. Or would you like to go back to the Main Cavern?"