About the Cavern

"Well, that's a surprize... someone who wants to know about this old place," Master says with a smile. You decide that's a complement.

"Well a long time ago, about 1300 AD, eight humans formed a group together. Even then, they knew that creatures like dragons, wolves, and such would perish from this Earth if nothing would be done about it. So they gathered many creatures, mostly good dragons, and formed a hiding place for them to live. they called theirselves the "Protectors" since they were protecting inocennt creatures. Well, like most do, they had childern, and they had childern, and so on. So they had to spread out. There is only a certain amount of creatures that places like this would hold you know. They lived in peace with each other, knowing that fighting could mean excile, which is curtain death.

"Well, they formed a way of life this way. And set up rules and ranks. Their are 6 ranks. DragonChild, DragonGirl (or Boy Master adds), DragonHealer, DragonMaster, Protector, and DragonWatcher.

"A DragonChild is like an apperentance. They are just begining to learn about the care of all these creatures.

"DragonBoy or DragonGirl is a person who knows much about the creatures that they are caring for. But still has a lot to learn. they are the normal people in the cavern. No specail place really, though they might be in charge of small groups of something. This is the most common place.

"DragonHealer is a doctor of sorts. They are as importain as DragonMasters, though they can't go father up the line. This is the spot that most are trained for, though many never do get to that point. they get the most perivoledges in the cavern. They are like the mayors of a city.

"DragonMaster is the leader of the cavern that they are at. They make all the hard decisions in the Cavern, though with the help of DragonHealers. There has to be at least one of these in a cavern. They also make sure that the DragonWatchers are doing their job right. They are like the governers of a state.

"Protectors are the all time rulers of the caverns. Like in the begining, there are only eight. No more, no less. They decide on things that effect all caverns around the world. Sort of like a president. And like a president, they are voted into office by the people. The other Protectors decide if the person should be able to compete for a place. Then the people who are running for the place as Protectors all visit the caverns at the same time. Then the people vote for them. They stay a protector untill death, they get something like cancer, or are found unjust. That is decided by the DragonWatchers.

"DragonWatchers make sure that everything is running smoothly and justly. They make sure that the Protectors are fair. That is their prepose mostly. A total of ten is the normal number of DragonWatchers. Every decision that the Protectors make is gone over by them. It is very rare that they have to do anything against them though. There is only one recorded time that they had to step in. But they are watched also. They are carefully watched by the DragonMasters.

"So that is how things are done mostly. Now I bet that you are board to death, so why dont we go back to the Cavern now.

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