The Young Riders has been off of the air for quite a while now....but why should that stop us from keeping it going in our dreams and imaginations? We have some wonderful authors who have so graciously allowed me the honor of posting their stories, and I want to thank all of you that have! Submissions are always welcome!

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Sky Blue and Black
By Raven

A new-comer to Sweetwater finds herself torn between two men, Jimmy's fiery passion versus Buck's cool tranquility, and she fears that her continued presence -- and the terrible secret she is hiding -- will divide the small, tight-knit family at the Pony Express station forever.


We Don't Have to Do This
By Cheyenne

When things get too tense at the station, Lou decides to take fate into her own hands. Little does she know that fate has a few tricks up her sleeve...


Deadly Sins
By Kara

Ike witnesses several indian shootings by seven men. During Buck's run he is captured by these men and only Ike can save him. Can he get to him in time or will it be too late.


Hidden Heart
By Tara

She came to town alone, in the middle of the night, and seeming to need no one. When trouble finds her which one of the riders will make her realize that needing someone isn't as painful as she though and awaken a feelings in her that she didn't know she had.

1-7 8-15

Twisted Past
By Cristy

Kid is reunited with a part of his past causing sparks fly and new adventures to arise...

The Story

By Katie

As a girl facing the world alone, Louise McCloud had to grow up fast. See where she got the strength to be the remarkable woman that Kid knew and loved.

1-2 3-4

Winter's Storm
By Michelle

Lou fears for the lives of two of the station's riders during a chilling winter storm...

1-3 4

Sins of War
By Charla

When Kid returns back from war he finds that the life he had left has been shattered...and a heartbreaking truth is revealed...

1-7 8-9
Secrets of Then
By Snowflower

Lou told everyone at the station that she was just the laundry girl for Wicks, and that one night he raped her. What if Lou had yet another secret. One that her friend Lynn could expose and ruin the life that she has made at the Express Station along with the life she has planned with Kid.

1-11 12
Southern State of Mind
By Miss Raye

Set in the South before Hostilities with the North flowered into war. Louise McCloud finds herself ripped from her mother by a man she is told is her long lost father...

1-18 19

By Ladyhawk

Jimmy, Kid and Cody are called on to go to Rock Creek to clean up what's left after a man seeking payment for old debts, waged a bloody war on the riders of that station. Jimmy ends up taking matters into his own hands, but what happens along the way forever changes him. Cody when hiring new Express riders for the Rock Creek station, stumbles across an old companion, but this new rider is full of suprises and secrets. A rolicking tale of fun and adventure, with serious insight into the trials and tribulations that come with the demanding job of Pony Express rider in the wild, wild, west! (written first person from Jimmy's point of veiw.)

The Faceless Man
By Ladyhawk

Jimmy meets a lady in town who seeks his help. But, there's more than meets the eye, and Jimmy gets himself into trouble that even Teaspoon at first isn't sure he can get him out of. Kid devises a plan to save Jimmy's neck, but he is racing against time to do it. Also as a sub-plot: Lou finds something that puts all her feelings for both The Kid and Jimmy on the line. The main character is Jimmy but every character gets a prominent role in this action packed, comedy filled tale.

1-4 The Conclusion!
It's Human Nature
By Gizmo

A Prequel to Memory.

1-6 7

Memories of the Heart
By Melissa & Lisa

After the death of his wife, can Buck find love and happiness again with an unlikely match?

1-7 8-9

The Ties That Bind
By Mary

Visions and visitations, reunions and murder, bring Buck to the edge of a new era in his life. Will Buck finally be fully accepted by the Kiowa? Can he bring a killer to justice before it's too late to save his friends? Read on as Buck comes face to face with a part of his past that has haunted him for fifteen years.

1-20 The Conclusion!

A Time For Love
By Jeanette

On a trip to the town of Rock Creek to claim land her father had purchased before his death, a rich city girl encounters trouble on the way, and is aided by the good, kind people of the Pony Express station. Her stay will change her life forever, as she claims the heart of two of its riders and the pain of knowing she would have to break the heart of one and fight to keep the other.

1-19 20
Shadow of Intrigue
By Kirsten

When Lou is requested to work with the Pinkerton Detectives on a dangerous venture, she is forced to choose between her life, love, and American Patriotism in a country falling apart.
1-24 The Conclusion
A sequel to "Parallel With Death"

The Locket
by Allison

A young woman has hopes of meeting up with her friend, Ike McSwain, after several years apart. But what happens when the unfortunate happens and she gets caught up in a tangled web of trouble, and ends up running into Buck and Kid instead? Find out in this story which takes place after the Pony Express ends.

1-8 9

Another Reality
By Stacie

What would life for Louise McCloud have been like had her dad not been the evil Boggs we know? Find out in this alternate universe story!

1-5 6
It All Works Out in the End
By Peachy

When Kid and Lou go their separate ways, she finds a new man to win her heart...

1-3 4-6
By Lyn

After Ike's death, Buck searches for a way to ease the pain and returns to his own people...

1-15 16
Never Give Up Hope
By Carol Pahl

When Kid and Lou are separated on a run--each believing the other to be dead--they learn to go on with their lives, only to find new trials along the way...

1-16 17
Time Doesn't Always Heal Wounds
By Anna

Struggles are common in any relationship, but time isn't always the cure to solving the most painful of wrongdoings. And for these two, it seems even fruitless to try...

1-5 6
A Promise Broken
By Marie

Two of the riders learn something about themselves that will forever change their relationship.
(This story is set sometime between Colorblind and Till Death Do Us Part.)

1-7 8
Storm Wind
By BL Durnell

The final days of the Pony Express are at hand as mysteries come to light and secrets are revealed as raiders from the south cause new friendships to be questioned and old ones to resurface.

1-6 7
Same Old Song
By Joanna & Kirsten

It started out as a paid vacation to Denver, but when Jimmy and Kid find themselves in danger, Lou must race against time to save them!

1-10 11
Family Ties
By RhonyLynn

The Pony Express is at an end, but still their lives must go on. Follow each of our favorite characters as they embark on a whole new adventure!

The First Year The Reunion 1

The Wanderings Of A Soul
By Cheryl McCreary

After loosing someone very near and dear to him, Buck struggles to go on with his life. Will he ever be able to find relief from the scars left inside his torn, confused, and wandering soul?

1-18 19
(Note: this story contains some mildly mature themes)

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