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My name is Cheryl and Welcome to my page Fairy Dreams 

where anything Mystical is possible. One vision I hold in my Dreams 

is a World where all Children are treated with Respect, 

Love and Kindness.... If only simple Fairy Dust could help to 

archive this Dream for me. But alas it is not... So this page is 

dedicated to helping the Children of this World we know.


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Fairy Dreams

Written By Diana,  And Inspired by My Children

  @copyright by Diana 1999


When I dream my Fairy dreams, I always dream of You....

I dream I have wings in colors stolen from the sky......

And hair of sweet corn silk, that glimmers in your eyes....

I dream that I protect you, while you slumber on....

You look so sweet and peaceful, it makes me want to sigh.

So I wrap my wings around you, and hold you close to me...

Then I whisper in your ear, of all the things I want to be...

I give you words of wisdom, of things we've yet to see....

I whisper words of encouragement, of what you want to be...

And I praise you for your efforts, of all you do for me.....

Then I go into my satchel and grab a little fairy dust......

I sprinkle it around you, and say these words to be.

May the moon dust give you happiness...

And the gold dust give you plenty.......

May the flower dust give you beauty, in each and every way...

May the dust of the fairies give you all you need......

To have a strong and healthy life, for it's the only one to be..

May my love surround you, and give you strength to grow....

May my friendship give you comfort..................

On this long journey that we must go......

May the dust from the sun beams give you light........

For finding the path along your winding way.

Then I sigh and look upon you, and still have more to say........

So I slowly breath upon you, in a gentle gust I blow......

A warm and giving love, that only inspires trust.....

I give you all my blessings, words and wishes to come true.....

I pray that you will always know..........

A Fairy by my name, keeps watching over you ......

While I was finishing this page I received a letter from

a woman who just lost her little Angel on June 30th 1998.

I just can't stop thinking about the horrible loss and pain she

has had to suffer. So I dedicate this page in Michael Anthony's

 name and memory. And to his mother I wish that she will keep receiving

all the pennies that Heaven and it's little Angel have to offer.

And who knows maybe Michael gave me this poem to give to his mother.


The Story of Michael ....




Find Ohio's Missing Kids

To all who visit this page, you are now

draped in Health, Happiness and Peace of Mind.

Please send this page on to someone who inspires

Fairy Dreams in you and help keep Michael's

memory and name living on.


This angel was MURDERED!!!!!
Click on the graphic to read her story.
I adopted this angel to show that
I abhor child abuse and
will do what I can to help
make it stop. To adopt your own angel
so you too can show your
support in helping to stop child abuse
click on the "Heaven's Littlest Angels" logo below.


This candle burns on for the Children


This link is not related to Michael's Death.

It is just my scream for the children "who have" died by another's hand


This is a must see page for anyone who has children!



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If I can touch even one person
In a profound way
Then I have reached my Goal!


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