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School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science was created/founded by Rudolf Steiner for the instruction of spiritual matters.

This is a manual for initiation. Please handle with reverence. The images herein are powerful and not to be taken lightly.

There were to have been three classes but Steiner died after only having completed most of Class One. Some lessons are missing and will be included as soon as they are located. These lessons have been considered secret since they were first given by special trained readers. Membership in the School of Spiritual Science is reserved only for members of the Anthroposophical Society after one year of membership and a letter of recommendation by another member. A reading list was presented to insure proper foundation.

As years went by these "secret" lessons were slowly leaked out. Now the Society has published them themselves, with the thinking that if they are to be out in the public, the public may as well have the correct version!!!

Below you will find my own transposing of class lessons from notes hurriedly taken at the end of the lesson. I have been in lessons in California, Oregon, and New Zealand.

The verses which follow are meditations:

First Class
Lesson One
The Guardian Speaks:

Where on earth foundations, color upon color,

Life creative manifests itself,

Where from earthly substance, form on form,

Lifeless realms take on their finished shape,

Where the sentient creatures, strong in will,

Bask in the warming glow of their existence,

Where, O Man, thou dost thyself derive

Bodily being from earth and air and light.

There dost thou enter, for thine own true Being,

Night enveloped darkness, deep and cold.

Never wilt thou learn from the dark and dumb expanse

What thou art, or wert, or will become.

In thine own Being, the light of day grows dim

To the soul's night, to the darkness of the Spirit;

Then dost thou turn thine anxious seeking soul

Toward that light that grows out of the darkness.

And from the darkness appears

- Facing thee with thine own imaged form,

Even to a deeper likeness shaping thee

Solemn spirit-word in Cosmic ether

In thy heart's hearing, strongly working -

To the Spirit-Messenger who alone can lighten up thy path.

Before him spread the fields of sense-existence

Behind him yawn the depths of the Abyss,

And here before the darkness of his spirit-fields

Hard by the yawning chasm of existence,

Rings forth his age-old mighty Creator-Word:

Behold, I am the only gate of knowledge.

From the widths of the Beings of Space

Who in the Light experience existence,

From the tread of the course of Time

Which in Creating finds itself expressed,

From the depths of the feeling heart,

Where in the Self the world is fathomed:

There, in speech of soul resounds,

There, from the Spirit's thought shines out

From divine salvation - forces

In the world-formation-powers,

Working, weaving Word of Being:

O Thou man, Know Thyself.

The Guardian speaks further:

Yet must thou beware of the Abyss,

Lest, if in haste thou pass me by,

Its beasts devour thee.

Thy cosmic age hath set them there in thee

As enemies of knowledge.

See the first beast - with crooked back,

With bony head and withered form,

dull and murky blue is all its hide.

Thy fear of Spirit's creative Being begat this monstrous foe

within thy Will.

Thy bravery in knowing will alone subdue it.

See the second beast -it shows its teeth with face distorted;

it lives in mocking.

Greying-yellow is its hideous shape.

Thy hate of Spirit's revelation begat this weakling in thy feeling life.

With fire of knowing thou must tame it.

See the third beast - with cloven mouth,

With glassy eye and slouching attitude.

Dirty red its form appears to thee.

Thy doubt in power of Spirit's light begat for thee this spectre

in thy thinking.

To thy creative knowing it must yield.

Only when thou hast overcome these three

  • will wings begin to grow upon thy soul

    to carry thee across the deep abyss

    that separates thee from the knowledge -

    fields to which the earnest longing of thy heart,

    Salvation seeking, would devote itself.


  • Lesson Two

    The third Beast's vacant, glassy eye,

    It is the evil counterimage

    of thinking, which in you disowns

    Itself and chooses death, denying

    Spirit powers, which before its

    Earthly life kept it alive.

    The second beast's mean, mocking face,

    It is the evil counterforce

    of Feeling, which would hollow out

    Your own soul-self and forms in you

    life-void instead of spirit substance,

    which, raying forth from spirit-solar power, was hers,

    before her earth existence.

    The first beast's gnarled bony ghost,

    It is the evil creating might of willing

    which estranges your body from your

    strength of soul, and dedicates it to

    opposing powers, who strive to steal

    the cosmic life from life divine in future ages.

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    Lesson 3:

    See how thinking weaves in you:

    Cosmic semblance you experience.

    Selfhood hides itself from you.

    Enter deeply into this semblance.

    Ether essence wafts in you.

    Selfhood-being should revere

    Guiding beings of your spirit.

    Perceive how feeling streams in you:

    How semblance mingles there with being.

    Your self to semblance feels inclined.

    Immerse your self in seeming-being

    And world soul forces dwell in you.

    Your selfhood should deeply ponder

    The powers of life within your soul.

    Let work the impulse of will in yourself:

    It rises up from worlds of semblance

    Creative in its very essence.

    To this devote all your life.

    For it is filled with cosmic spirit might.

    Your very being shall now grasp

    World creator might in your Spirit-I.

    Lesson Four

    Feel how the depths of the earth

    Press their forces

    In the body's limbs of your being

    You lose yourself in them

    If you entrust powerlessly

    Your will to their striving

    They darken you. The I.

    Feel how out of world expanses

    Divine powers let their spirit brightness

    Shine into your soul's Being.

    Find yourself in them with love imbued.

    And they create wisdom weaving

    You as self in their service.

    Strong for good spirit working.

    Feel how in heavenly heights

    Selfhood selflessly can live

    If spirit imbued it will to follow

    thought powers in their upward striving

    And in fortitude the word can heal (hear)

    That from above resounds with grace

    Into man's true Being.

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  • Lesson Five

    Recapitulation Lesson One
  • The Guardian with the uttermost earnestness.

    Thou stridest into earthliness with thy Will's unfolding force.

    If thou as thinker tread earth's realm

    Thought-power will show thyself to thee

    In all thy animality.

    The fear of thine own self must change to courage of the soul.

    Thou livest with the water's Being. Only through Feeling's weave of dreams.

    Awakening, pierce through water's life.

    The soul will show itself to thee as plant-existence dank and dull,

    and lameness of the self must spur thee on to true awakening.

    Thou sensest in the wafting air only in Memory's picture-forms.

    Grasp with will the Being of Air: Thy soul itself will theaten thee as

    cold and jagged stone.

    But now thy selfhood's death in cold must yield before the Spirit's fire.

    The Guardian speaks, as if the cosmic word itself resounded:

    Thou holdest of Light's growing power

    Thoughts alone with inward grasp.

    In light-filled glory thinks itself in thee then spirit-existence false

    will rise as vain illusion of self in thee.

    Remembering the needs of earth will

    hold thee in true humanity.

    Thou holdest of the Cosmic forming

    Feelings alone with inward grasp.

    If cosmic forming feels itself in thee,

    Then thy faintness, spirit-experience

    will smother selfhood-being in thee.

    But for love of the values of the earth will

    save in thee the human soul.

    Thou holdest the cosmic life

    Willing alone with inward grasp.

    If Cosmic Life should take fuel

    hold of thee, Then will consuming

    spirit-bliss slay th'experience of

    self in thee.

    But will for the earth,

    to Spirit given will let the God

    in man hold sway,


    Lesson Five


    Light battles with the powers of darkness

    In that domain in which your thinking

    Would penetrate to spirit existence.

    You find, lightward strivings,

    Your self by spirit taken from you,

    You can when darkness now allures you,

    In earthly matter lose your selfhood.


    Warmth battles with the powers of coldness

    In that domain in which your feeling

    In Spirit-weaving longs to live.

    You find warmth loving,

    Your self in spirit bliss wafting away;

    You can, when coldness hardens you,

    In pain your selfhood grind to dust.


    Life battles with the powers of death

    In that domain in which your willing

    In spirit-creating would fain hold sway.

    You find, in laying hold of life,

    Your self in spirit-might vanishing away;

    You can, when power of death does bind you,

    In nothingness your self becramp and die.



    Lesson Six

    Thou stridest into earthliness

    With thy will's enfolding force.

    If thou as thinker tread earth's realm,

    Thought power will show thyself to thee

    In all thy animality.

    The fear at thy own self

    Must change to courage of the soul

    Thou livest with the water's being

    Only through feeling's weave of dreams.

    Awakening, pierce through the water's life;

    The Soul will show itself to thee

    As plant existence, dark and dull;

    And lameness of the self

    Must spur thee on to the awakening.

    Thou sensest in the wafting air

    Only in memory's picture-forms.

    Grasp with will the being of air:

    Thy soul itself will threaten thee

    As cold and ragged stone

    But now thy selfhood's death in cold

    Must yield before the spirit's fire.

    Thou holdest of light's glowing power.

    Thoughts alone with inward grasp.

    If light-filled glory think itself in thee,

    Then spirit-existence false will rise

    As vain illusion of self in thee.

    Remembering the needs of the earth

    Will hold thee in true humanity.

    Thou holdest of the cosmic forming

    Feelings alive with inward grasp.

    If cosmic-forming feels itself in thee,

    Then in thy faintness, spirit-experience

    Will smother selfhood being in thee.

    But love for the destinies of earth

    Will save in thee the human soul.

    Thou holdest of the cosmic life

    Willing alive with inward grasp.

    If Cosmic-life should take full hold of thee

    Then will consuming spirit-bliss

    Slay the experience of self in thee

    But will for the earth, to spirit given,

    Will let the God in Man hold sway.

    (In Jupiter stage, humans will be angels.)


    Lesson Seven

    Guardian Speaks:

    Behold the Three

    They are the One

    When you do bear in earthly life

    The stamp form of Man.

    Live in the Head, the cosmic Form

    Feel in the Heart, the cosmic Pulse

    Think in the Limbs, the cosmic Strength

    These are the Three,

    The Three that as the One

    in Earth-life dwell.

    Spirit of the Head

    This you can will

    Til Willing become

    The thousandfold heavenly weaving of sense.

  • You weave in the Wisdom.
  • Soul of the Heart

    This you can feel

    Til feeling become

    The seed-life-awakening worlds in your thought.

  • You live in Glory.
  • Strength of the Limbs,

    This you can think

    Til Thinking become

    The purposeful striving of man in your will.

  • You strive in Virtue.


    The Gate is opened

    You shall become

    A true Man.

  • This gives us wings to fly over the abyss.

    When man comes to abyss between sense

    world and spiritual world Guardian will

    draw forth the true being of man

    True being of man can spread

    wings and fly across abyss.

    I unite myself with Spirit.

    I love the son.

    I revere the father.



  • Lesson Eight

  • See behind thinking light of senses

    How in the shadowy spirit-cell

    Willing ascends from bodies' depths.

    Then, through thy utmost strength of soul

    let dead thoughts flow into the cosmic void.

    And willing it shall arise as cosmic thought creating.

    See within feeling's weaving-of-soul how in

  • the dreaming twilight life from the far-spread cosmos flows.
  • Then through thy peacefulness of heart let

  • human feeling waft away in sleep:
  • and cosmic life shall stir in spirit as powers of man's true being.

    See above willings bodily working how into slumbering fields of work

  • thinking descends from powers of head.
  • Then through the seeing of the soul let human willing be transformed to light:

    And thinking it shall appear as magician in the will.



    Lesson Nine

    L I F E

    E A R T H

    O Man, touch and perceive through

    thy bodies' being

    How earthly forces are supporting

    thy existence.

    W A T E R

    O Man, live and experience throughout

    thy sphere of touch

    How water beings are moulding

    thy existence.

    A I R

    O Man, feel and perceive throughout

    thy live's whole weaving

    How powers of air are tending

    thy existence.

    F I R E

    O Man, think and perceive throughout

    thy stream of feeling

    How spirit's of fire are helping

    thy existence

    O Man, behold thyself in thy element's realm.

    L O V E

    O Man, let there hold sway in thy soul's depths

    the Cosmic guiding powers of the wandering stars.

    O Man, come into being through the cosmic circling.

    P I E T Y

    O Man, preserve in all thy spirit's

    working the Heaven-revealing words of the Resting stars -

    O Man, create thyself through Heaven's wisdom.

    1. Carry into thinking life

      Which as meditations pure

      Irradiates the soul with light,

      feeling and willing.

      And thou art spirit

      Among pure spirits.

    2. Carry into feeling forces

      Which as noble love

      Weave throughout the soul with

      Warmth, thinking and willing

      and though art soul in the realm of spirits.

    3. Carry into powers of will
    4. Which as spirit energies

      Work about the soul with life

      Thinking and feeling:

      And though beholds thyself

      As body from Spirit heights.


      Lessons Nine and Ten have to do with becoming loosened from the body, the etheric.




  • Lesson Ten
    1. I live in the dark domain of Earth

    (Heart) Yearningly moves me the darkness of Earth

    (Will) The darkness of Earth benumbs me.

    I weave in the light of the Stars

    Comfort to me is the light of the Stars

    The light of the Stars awaken me.

    I read in the deeds of the Spirits

    Teaching to me are the deed of the Spirits

    The deeds of the Spirits call me.

    I hear the speech of Gods

    Quickening for me is the speech of the Gods

    The speech of the gods beget me. (brings south)



    Lesson Eleven

    Starry places of the Worlds,

    Homes and dwellings of the Gods;

    When in the Head on high

    Human Spirit-radiance speaketh.

  • The "I am"
  • Then live ye in this earthly frame:

    Being of man's true being.

    Sunlit circling of the Worlds,

    Tracks of Spirit-potency!

  • When the Heart within

    Human soul astir resoundeth

  • The "I live",

  • Then tread ye' o'er this earthly path

    As quick'ning Powers in Man

    World-Foundation of the Deep,

    Light'ning of Creator-Love!

    When the body's members

    Human strength outpouring forges

  • The "I will"
  • Then surge ye through the earthly world

    As human deeds of sense.

    (imagine your angel beside you speaking last two lines and then have right effect.)



  • Lesson Twelve

    Perceive the field of Thinking


    He speaks, who would show thee,

    From earthly life to earthly life,

    the paths in Spirit-light


    Look to the light filled radiance of the senses


    He speaks, who would bear thee,

    In realms of Being freed from matter,

    On wings of soul to other souls:


    Look to the working of thy thinking's forces


    He speaks who would grant thee,

    In fields creative far from earth,

    Firm ground of Being among Spirit-Beings


    Look to the picture-forming of thy memory.

    Perceive the Field of feeling


    He speaks who call thee

    As thought from rays of Spirit-Sun

    To life in universal being:


    Feel in the life-stirring of thy Breath


    He speaks who gives to thee

    From living forces of the stars

    Universal being in Spirit realms:


    Fell the wave-weaving of thy blood


    He speaks who would create for thee

    High in the light-filled realms of God,

    From out of the earthly-willing, spirit-sense


    Feel how the earth with all its might Resists.

  • Home

  • Lesson Thirteen

    Perceive the field of Will


    He speaks who guides the smouldering might of worlds.

    From earth-foundation's dark immensity into the quickening urges of

    thy limbs.


    Look on the fires driving through thy Will


    He speaks who makes the shining spirit-rays from God's domain of work, as an act of grace, flow in the circulating of thy blood.


    Look on the Soul Guiding of thy Conscience


    He speaks who brings man's life thus far accomplished.

    Through deaths and births, with justice meaningful.

    To breathe again within this present time.


    Look on the Spirit-testing of thy destiny.


  • Clouds
  • Being
  • Essence
  • Cherubim

  • lightning
  • tools
  • instruments
  • Seraphim

  • cosmic
  • heat
  • semblance
  • heating
  • fleeting
  • seating



  • Lesson Fourteen


    Guardian: Where is the firmness of earth that upheld thee?

    Christ inspired heart: I leave its solid ground so long as the Spirit heals me..

    Lucifer inspired: I feel with joy, henceforth I need not its support.

    Ahriman inspired: I'll hammer it the harder by Spirit's night.


    Guardian: Where is the water's forming force that maintained thee?

    Christ inspired: my life does quench it, so long as the spirits form me.

    Lucifer inspired: My life melts away that I be free of it for ever.

    Ahriman inspires: My life fastens it from, to carry into the spirit realm.


    Guardian: Where is the quickening power of air that awakens thee?

    Christ inspired: my soul breathes heaven's air so long as the spirit is about me.

    Lucifer inspired: My soul care not for it in spirit-blissfulness.

    Ahriman inspired: My soul drinks it is, that I may learn divinity to create.


    Guardian: Where is the cleansing of fire that set thine I aflame?

    Christ inspired: Mine I glows in the fire of God so long as the Spirit lights me.

    Lucifer inspired: Mine I is mightily aflame with power of Spirit-Sun.

    Ahriman inspired: Mine I has power of its own, purely by force of self enflamed.



    Lesson 15 - 21 June 1924

    Guardian: What becomes of the firmness of earth that upheld thee?

    Angeloi: Sense how we are sensing in thy thinking.

    Archangeloi: Live how we experience in thy feeling.

    Archai: Behold how we behold within thy willing.

    Guardian: What becomes of the water's forming force that maintained thee?

    Exusiai: Know the cosmic spirit forming in the human body's forming.

    Dynamis: Feel the cosmic spirit life in the human body's life.

    Kyriotetes: Will the cosmic spirit process in the human body's being.

    Guardian: What becomes of the quickening power of air that awakened thee?

    Thrones: Take conscious hold of inward being in thy divine and cosmic being.

    Cherubim: Kindle warmth in inward life in thy divine and cosmic life.

    Seraphim: Waken within thee inward light in thy divine and cosmic light.

    Lesson 16 - 28 June 1924

    Guardian: What becomes of the cleansing of Fire that set thine I aflame?

    Angeloi, Exusiai, Thrones: In the cosmic ether vast awaken the flame-script

    of thy life.

    Archangeloi, Dynamis, Cherubim: In the encircling waves of Time bring

    forth they soul's atoning powers.

    Archai, Kyriotetes, Seraphim: In the eternal deeds of Being pray for the

    Spirit's redeeming might.


    Guardian: Hath thy Spirit understood?

    I: The Spirit of the World in me

    He held his breath anon,

    And may his presence near

    Light mine I.


    Guardian: Hath thy soul taken hold?

    I: The souls of the World in me

    They dwelt in the Council of the Stars.

    And may their harmonies

    Sounding, shape mine I.


    Guardian: Hath thy body experienced?

    I: The forces of the World in me

    They right the deeds of man

    And may their verdict-words

    Guide for me the I.

    Lesson Seventeen

  • See the ethereal rainbows-arc's

    Light-abundant round,

    Let, through the light-begotten

    power of thine eyes,

    Thine I strike through the circle

    And then behold from yonder watch

    Colour-flooding, the Cup of the World.

    Angeloi, Archangeloi, Archai:

    Feel, of our thoughts

    The color-breathing life

    In the Cup's O'erflowing Light;

    We bear the senses' show

    To Spirit-realms of Being

    Where, world-inspired, we wend our way

    To higher Spirit's minist'ring.

    Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes:

    What ye have received

    From dead sense-show and called to life:

    We waken it in Being.

    We grant it in to the rays

    Which, weaving Love, make manifest

    The nothingness of matter

    In the Spirit's Being

    Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim (to Man)

    In thy world of will

    Feel our world-wide working

    Spirit shines in matter

    When we, in thinking, work.

    Spirit creates in matter

    When we, in willing, live.

    World is the I-willing Spirit-Word.

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  • Home

  • Lesson Eighteen
  • I.

    Angeloi: Human Beings are thinking /

    We need the liglht - / the lights

    That we in thinking may illumine.

    Dynamis: Receive the light - / the heights

    That ye in thinking may illumine

  • When human beings are thinking.
  • II.

    Archangeloi: Human Beings are feeling /

  • We need the warmth of soul

    That we may live in feeling.

  • Kyriotetes, Exusiai: Receive the warmth of soul

  • That ye in feeling may live

    When human beings are feeling.

  • III.

    Archai: Human beings are willing!

  • We need the force of the depths

    That we in willing may act.

  • Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusiai: Receive the force of the depths

  • That ye in willing may act when human beings
  • Are willing.

  • Be involved in world becoming.



  • Lesson Nineteen
  • The Guardian speaks from afar,

    and the human I knows itself to be

    within the realm of the Spirit-Word,

    sustained by Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

    The Guardian speaks from afar,

    Who speaks in the Spirit-word

    With the voice

    That glows in the Fire of Worlds?

    From the realm of the First Hierarchy:

    There speak the Flame of the Stars,

    There flame Seraphimian Power of Fire.

    In thy heart, too, they are aflame

    In the eternal.