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Message for the Millenium

The links below are to initiatives connected with the work of Rudolf Steiner, including education, philosophy, agriculture, medicine, art.

I would like to correspond with anyone who knew:

  • Willi Sucher or has information on Astrosophy. I have some of his original work and would like to publish it on-line.
  • Rudolf Hauschka - if anyone has any interesting new research and information such as <> please let me know. Update - Dr. Hauschka at Wala.


  • Shapes in the Fire Joel Wendt's well researched site
  • Steiner Archives Rudolf Steiner Lectures
  • "Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears.

    Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.

    Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters it must have lost the power to wound.

    Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart."

    - Mabel Collins ~ Light on the Path