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Verses and Songs

For Steiner/Waldorf Classrooms

The authors of the verses and songs presented here are not always clear, many have been handed down and handed down by teachers to teachers, from school to school. The first verse, the morning verse, is a traditional verse recited in schools all around the world.

Musical scores could possibly be scanned in and included if you would like, please let me know, I do have the music for Tippety-Toes with credits for the composer.

At the moment the verses are just presented here, they will be organized into categories as they grow. PLEASE feel free to share yours so we can add to the collection.

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Morning Verse

The sun with loving light

Makes bright for me each day.

The soul with spirit power

Gives strength into my limbs.

In sunlight shining clear

I reverence, O God,

The strength of humankind

Which thou, so graciously,

Hast planted in my soul

That I, with all my might,

May love to work and learn

From thee comes light and strength

To thee rise love and thanks.


End of Day

the vowels are the eurhythmy gestures

(A)--- Guarded from harm

(E)--- cared for by angels

(I)--- here stand we

(O)--- loving and strong

(U)--- truthful and good


Walking - Circle

Little dwarves so short and strong

Heavy-footed march along

Every head is straight and proud

Every step is firm and loud.


Pick and hammer each must hold

Deep in the earth to mine the gold

Ready over each one's back

Hangs a little empty sack.


When the hard day's work is done

Home again they march as one.

Full sacks make a heavy load

As they tramp along the road.


Centering Verse

(I)--- Strong as a spear I stand

(A)--- Strength fills my arms and legs

(O)--- Warm is my heart with love


Speech Work

Pitty Patty Polt

Shoe the wild colt

Here a nail / there a nail

Pitty, Patty, Polt


End Verse

Sun Moon and Stars above

Me weave within the

Heaven's blue -

May I on earth a pattern

Leave of words and deeds

As true.


Circle March

We are straight

We are strong

We are valiant and bold

For the sun

Fills our hearts

With its life-giving gold


Encouraging verse

Here we are with joyful hearts

Working well and working hard

Helping gladly, quick and bold

Bringing joy to young and old


Verse before painting

Now I take the brush so gently

In my hand with loving care

Watch the color flow so softly

On the paper clean and clear.


Elf Song

Tippety-toes, the smallest elf

Sat on a mushroom by himself

Playing a little tinkling tune

Under the big round harvest moon

And this is the song that Tippety made

To sing to the little tune he played:

"Red are the hips

red are the haws,

red and gold are the leaves that fall

red are the poppies in the corn

red berries on the rowan tall

red is the big round harvest moon,

and red are my new little dancing shoon."


Centering Verse

this is good for when the class needs to be "hauled in", just say,"Dip, dip, dip.."

Dip Dip Dip

My blue ship

Sails along the water

Like a cup and saucer

Dip dip steady:

I am ready!!!


Farewell to Morning

The morning has ended

We've done our best

Good bye 'til tomorrow

And have a nice rest.


Reinforcing Verse

We are truthful and helpful

And loving in trust

For our heart's inner sun

Glows brightly in us.

We will open our hearts

To the sunbeams so bright

And we'll fill all the world

With our heart's inner light.



When at first we look at One

We find it in the shining sun.


For me and you,

we count one, two.

The day, the night

The good, the bad

The gay, the sad

The girl, the boy

We count with joy

They all are twos

That we can use.


Father, mother, and child we see.

Count them quickly: one, two, three,

(this verse has a drawing included in the Waldorf ed. Slide show)


Handwork Verses

I. To begin:

This is little Tommy Thumb

Round and smooth like any plum.

This is little Peter Pointer

Surely he is a double jointer

This is mighty Toby Tall

He's the biggest of them all.

This is dainty Ruby Ring,

Much too fine for many things.

This is Little Baby,

So tiny and so shy,

All the five we've counted now

Busy fingers in a row

Each one knows the way to go

How to work and how to play.

Yet together they work the best,

Each one helping all the rest.

II. To end

My fingers are so sleepy,

It's time they went to bed.

First you Little Baby,

Tuck in your tiny head.

Ruby Ring, now it's your turn,

Next comes Toby Great.

Peter Pointer hurry

Because it's getting late.

Let's see if they're all nestled,

No! - there's one to come,

Move over please and make room

For Tommy Thumb.


Three Jolly Gentlemen

(good for circle)

Three jolly gentlemen

In coats of red,

Rode their horses up to bed.

Three jolly gentlelmen

Snored 'til morn,

The horses chomping the golden corn.

Three jolly gentlemen at break of day

Got on their horses and rode away!


The Sun is in my Heart

The sun is in my heart

It warms me with its power

And wakens life and love

In bird and beast and flower.


The stars above my head

Are shining in my mind

Like spirits of the world

Than in my thoughts I find.


The earth whereon I tread

Lets not my feet go through

But strongly doth uphold

The weight of deeds I do.


Then must I thankful be

That man on earth I dwell

To love and work the world

And greet all people well.


Squirrel Nutkin

Squirrel Nutkin has a coat of brown,

quite the loveliest in woodland town;

two bright eyes look round to see where the sweetest nuts may be.

Squirrel Nutkin in his coat of brown scampers up the trees and down;

dashing here and swinging there leaping lightly through the air.

All the live long day he plays in the leafy woodland ways

but at night when squirrels rest in their cosy treetop nest.

(repeat tune for last section)

bushy tail curled round his head, Mister squirrel goes off to bed.

from Sing Through the Day


Marching Song

This was a gift from a kindergarten teacher in New Zealand, it is called:

The Troll

(winter into spring)

Way back in the mountains

In a rocky hole

Lies a sleeping and a-snoring

A big old troll


lying on his left side

and turning on his right

and if he's waking up sometimes

he's sleeping on all night.


It's now the coldest winter

And under the snow does hide

Big troll is not aware of it

He's sleeping on his side.


'Till on a happy morning

the Sun gave such a heat

that all the heavy winter snow

was melted with much speed.


The sunbeams are just laughing

They never had such fun

They're peeping in the rocky holes

Oh fi there lies that big old troll still lazily in bed.


they go in very softly and itch him on his nose!

Hatshie Hatshoo and suddendly

That big old troll arose

The sunbeams quickly disappear

While calling back with glee,

"Wake up, you troll, you lazy man

maybe you have forgotten it, but

Spring is coming on!!!"


This is a special treasure written for me longhand by a retired kindergarten teacher in New Zealand, I think you will love it as much as I do:

(for rhythmic walking circles and mimes)

Through the Park


Hist! Hark! The night is very dark

And we've to go a mile or so

Across the Possum Park.


Step light

Keeping to the right

Or we delay or lose our way

We'll be out half the night.


The clouds are low and gloomy

Oh its just begun to mist

We haven't any overcoats

And hist! hist!


morrrr porrrrk! morrrrr porrrrrk!

who was that that spoke?

This is not a fitting spot

To make a silly joke.


Dear me, a morpork in a tree

It jarred me so

I did not know

Whatever it could be.


But come along

Haste along

Soon we shall be missed.

They'll get a scare

And wonder where we're

Hist! hist!

Croak Croak


Oh, I've had a shock

I hope and trust

It's only just

A frog behind a rock


Shoo shoo

We've had enough of you

Scaring folk

Just for a joke

Is not the thing to do.


But come along

Haste along

Isn't it a lark?

Just to roam

So far from home

Oh hist! hark!


Look see

Shining through the trees

The window light

Is glowing bright

To welcome you and me.


now Run Run Run,

Oh, we've had such splendid fun

Through the pond

In the dark

As BRAVE as anyone

Laughed we did

And chaffed we did

And whistled all the way

And we're home again

Home again

Hip hurray!!!!!!



nice for the children to learn the verse in mime and eurhythmy:

"Come little leaves," said the wind on day.

"Come o'er the meadow with me and play.

Put on your dresses of red and gold.

Summer is gone and the days grow cold."

As soon as the leaves heard the wind's low call,

Down they came fluttering, one and all.

Over the brown fields they whirled and flew,

Singing the soft little songs they knew.

Dancing and whirling the little leaves went,

Autumn had called them and they were content.

Soon they will sleep in their soft earthly beds

Waiting for winter to cover their heads.


another autumn verse

this one is well loved:


Yellow the bracken,

Golden the sheaves,

Rosy the apples,

Crimson the leaves,

Mist on the hillside,

Clouds grey and white,

Autumn, good morning!

Summer, good night!


Sixteenth Century Prayer

God be in my head, and in my understanding.

God be in my eyes, and in my looking.

God be in my mouth, and in my speaking.

God be in my heart, and in my thinking.

God be at my end, and at my departing.


Mother Earth

Mother earth, mother earth,

Take or seed and give it birth.

Father sun, gleam and glow

Until the roots begin to grow.

Sister rain, sister rain

Shed thy tears to swell the grain;

Brother wind, breathe and blow

Then the blade green will grow.

Earth and sun and wind and rain

Turn to gold the living grain.


Contributed by Barry Gray, from Nelson, BC, Canada. Barry is a class teacher:

Closing Verse

Our work is done, our day is past,

We'll go our separate ways.

And I will hold so tight and fast 

What I have learned today.

Išve given with my heart and mind

The effort that it needs.

And I will strive in me to find,

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.


another verse from Barry Gray, Nelson, BC, Canada, a class teacher

Belling the Cat

The Mice once called a meeting

To decide upon a plan.

The Cat, their lifelong enemy,

From whom they always ran,

Was terrorizing all Mousekind,

All day and all night through.

When finally one smart, young Mouse

Squeaked "I know what to do!"

The plan was simple, oh so sweet,

Around her neck they'd hang,

A bell so bold and brassy it

Would warn them with its clang.

"How dense we've been to wait so long.

Before we thought of that!"

But one old wise and wary Mouse

Asked: "Who will bell the Cat?"


Morning Kindergarten Verse

To earth we come

to greet the light

to greet the sun.

So God greets me

In all I do,

and you and I

in God are one.


Children's song:

submitted online by Marisol Patin

The light of the sun is flooding

The realms of space;

The song of birds resounds

Through fields of air;

The tender plants spring forth

>From Mother Earth,

And human souls rise up

With grateful hearts

To all the spirits of the world.

- Rudolf Steiner.








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