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Peter the Hegemon's Ender Page

Ender's Game Domain

Come read my goodbyes. I will no longer update this site.

7/9/00-Alright, if you didn't read before, I will no longer update this site. If you want to read why, click here. If not, just know that I will keep all information that I have up if you still want to see it. Just nothing new. Thank you all for visiting, and goodbye!

4/21/00-I'm sorry, but this site has been in the back of my mind lately. I'm hoping when I have more time and more is going on with the Ender series, I will update more, but as of now I guess I am not. I'll try to update as much as I can, but this topic has been pretty barren for a LONG time. O well, I changed the Quote of the Week, which hasn't been very weekly....

4/10/00-YES! First 5 chapters to Shadow of the Hegemon have been released! To view them, go here or view them through Likewise, I have editted the news section appropriately, and changed the first 4 chapters of Ender's Shadow to first 5 chapters of Shadow to the Hegemon.

3/27/00-Wow, I haven't updated in a WHILE. Well, I changed Quote of the Week, but I'd also like to say something that might be happening soon. I think that someone I know will be giving me some domain space, therefore getting rid of that awful banner and moving my site. I'm not sure how that is going to work, if it is going to happen, yet, so I'll keep you posted in the updates.

3/1/00-Changed Quote of the Week. I think it might be a bi-weekly thing for the time being. I've been swamped with other things lately.

2/16/00-Sorry, I am a little behind schedule. I dislike school. O well, changed Quote of the Week.

2/2/00-Made a neat-o new intro into my page. Also changed the Quote of the Week.

1/23/00-Changed Quote of the Week. It is quoted from Aimaina Hikari, and they find he practiced the Ua Lava religion.

1/12/00-Changed Quote of the Week. It comes from Ender's Shadow

1/5/00-First Quote of the Week of the 00's! O well, all of you who have read the whole series, you know where it is from. If you don't know where it's from, read every book again!

12/23/99-Changed Quote of the Week. They are pretty much coming from "The God Whispers of Han Qing-jao".

12/16/99-Changed Quote of the Week

12/6/99-Changed Quote of the Week

12/4/99-Updated the news section (cleaned out some old junk add added info on the Peter and Petra books)

11/29/99-Sorry, I have gotten a little behind in this site. I was on vacation, but now I should be back on track, and I changed the Quote of the Week. Also, I have created a new page with buttons, and I want to see if you like it. Here is the link, and there is a poll on the bottom of that page for you to vote on whether you like it or not.

11/14/99-Changed my banner, again. It will still take you back to the no-frames main page. Also, try putting your mouse over it, if you haven't already

11/12/99-Changed the main page because I had some extra time (for once), and decided to change it. Also, when you put you mouse over a link in the link column (not any link), a blue arrow should come up next to it, while the link also changes to white. Next, I changed the pop-up to a banner, just because the pop-up was SO ANNOYING! That means I took the poll off. Finally, since I changed it to a banner, there is also a banner in the links column on the frames page. I am sorry that it looks so bad, but I dunno how to change it

11/11/99-Still working, trust me, I am still working. As of now, just changed the Quote of the Week, and made a new animation/banner

11/4/99-Sorry about the pop-up. Angelfire has decided to put a pop-up or a banner on each of their pages. I currently have it on pop-up, but I am going to put a poll at the bottom of this page where you can vote for which one you would rather have on. Also changed Quote of the Week.

10/28/99-Changed Quote of the Week. It's from Speaker for the Dead (I love the story the quote is part of)

10/16/99-Changed Quote of the Week. Don't worry if I haven't done a lot lately, I am still working of some new updates

10/6/99-Changed Quote of the Week

9/28/99-Changed Quote of the Week. It's from Xenocide

9/27/99-Made a Frames Page! You can see it here, the list of links on this page, and there is also a link in the Ender's Game Domain paragraph. Next, I am taking off the links off every other page, but you can always get back to the main page (without frames) by clicking on my banner. Finally, I am not sure if I should keep the frames page on its page, or put it on "", so if you will vote for your choice, there is a poll between my counter and the webring stuff. If you don't vote, my frames page will take the "" address over. I will give the poll about a month. Thanks.

9/23/99-Added "Sign my Guestbook" and "View my Guestbook" links on every page. Take a hint. ^_^ 9/20/99-For some reason's polls were all weird, so I changed to a different poll place. They allow 20 votes, so go on and vote again.

9/19/99-Changed the Quote of the Week

9/15/99-Fixed the problem with the HTML. It was weird, but I got it. ^_^. Also, I would just like to say that if anyone out there has an Ender Series webpage, that they should join the new Unofficial Ender's Game Webring. The current webring sites, webpage, and random webpage information is at the bottom of this page. E-mail me at or Mr with your page URL (address) and the name you would like to be called. That is all the updates today.

9/14/99-Added new brainbuster question. Like it says in the paragraph on the page, if you know the answer and would like to say it, please e-mail me at with your name, the answer, and what page you found it on. I will e-mail you back shortly afterward with how you did. O ya, almost forgot, this is the link. It will be only found on the main page.

9/13/99-I don't know, but there is something wrong with the format of my page. I can't exactly figure it out now, but I will be working on it. I might also keep it like that, if I don't figure it out (doesn't look THAT bad, does it?) Also, I got a banner thanks to Ixhombre. His TooL page is on my links page. I will be putting that banner on every page, soon.

9/12/99-Oops. I forgot about the Quote of the Week. Well, it is now changed. Also, I added a new polls section. Please feel free to vote on them. That's all I have to say for now.

9/1/99-Changed the Quote of the Week. It's from good ol' Ender's Game. Also, I am trying to start discussions on the message board. If you have ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY, PLEASE DO SO.

8/31/99-RELEASE OF ENDER'S SHADOW!GET IT NOW! With that said, I have also made a biography page. Please read the paragraph above the bio's on the page, because it will point out some things that I don't have room to say here. The page is at This link will also be in the column of links on the left side of every page.

8/25/99-I know it has been more than a week, but I changed the Quote of the Week today. It is from Orson Scott Card's new book called Ender's Shadow, being released August 31.

8/15/99-Changed Quote of the Week. Also updated the movie news section of the news page.

8/14/99-Sorry, I was on vacation. It is really late right now, so I will find a new quote tomorrow. I will add a link to the Ender's Game Movie script. Just click this link, or click the link in the row of links on the left.

8/2/99-Added updates table to main page and deleted Updates page. Changed "Quote of the Week". Put link to Orson Scott Card chat on the main page only.

7/29/99-Updates page put up.

7/28/99-Chat with Orson Scott Card put up. Visit it at

7/26/99-Ender Series Fanclub started.

Quote of the week:
"Religion is tied to the deepest feelings people have. The love that arises from that stewing pot is the sweetest and strongest, but the hate is the hottest, and the anger is the most violent."

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