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When trying to explain to people how things really "feel", it seems there are no "right" words to describe it. Here is a short list of some "Feelings" which might help you in sharing how you "feel" more clearly. Remember, before we can take care of our "Emotional Selves" we must be able to identify what our "emotions" are telling us.

Positive Feelings

Happy Energized Needed Pleased Content Loved

Peaceful Excited Motivated Mischevious

Tranquil Confident Valuable Beautiful Silly Elated

Joyful Humorous Relaxed Greatful Proud

Accepted Compasionate Refreshed Melancholy

Scarry Feelings

    Frightened Terrified Afraid Unsafe Angry

    Mad Threatened Horrified Furious

    Trapped Violent Outraged Defeated Beaten

    Hateful Cornered Humiliated Mistreated

Harder Feelings